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Get set – Get up! Alarm Clock for the PlayBook

 Get Set Get Up Get Set Get Up2

I have run into a few people using extra PlayBooks as a PC and alarm clock for when they are in bed. Get set – Get up by Anna Malchow-Perryman wants to capitalize on that trend by creating an alarm clock that helps you remember why you need to wake up. It sets shorter snooze intervals and gives you an indication of how much more shut eye you have left. It also includes:

  • Progressively shorter snooze intervals with adjustable total snooze period
  • Clear visual indication of how much time you have left
  • Ticker-text displays your ‘notes to self’, motivational quotes etc.
  • Wake up to your favourite music
  • Visual pre-alarm before the alarm sounds
  • Temporary silencing on touch anywhere gives you time to rub your eyes and think before you hit Snooze or turn the alarm off
  • Night-light
  • Easy time-setting (no fiddly spinners)
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Volume setting independent of settings in other apps
  • Battery indicator and low battery warning
  • Detects and warns if device is not charging properly
  • Landscape or portrait mode
  • 12 or 24 hour mode

Check out Get set – Get Up for $1.99 in App World

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  1. I’ve been using this app for a few months now, and I can honestly say that it’s hands-down the best app that I’ve found for the PlayBook. My alarm clock has been unplugged and relegated to the closet, since the PlayBook is now the best device for waking up that I have ever owned.

    Since I bought this app, it has been updated 3 times with assorted bug fixes and new features, the developer seems very active.

    The only complaint I can possibly make about this app is that it only supports .mp3 files to replace the default music, and all my music is in .wma format. The fact that this is the biggest complaint I can manage attests to the quality featureset of this app.

    • Oh! I need this app, really useful and seems good.

    • Dennis, thanks for pointing out the .wma problem (I must admit I never even thought of formats other than the ones I found in my own music library 🙂 ). Unfortunately right now I can’t add support for .wma, because the app is written in AS3, which doesn’t appear to have any way of playing those files. But I will keep it in mind for the future – once BB10 is available, there *may* be the possibility of calling another app to play songs of unsupported formats …

      For now I’ll add a note to the app description that it supports only .mp3 and .m4a, so nobody ends up buying the app and being disappointment.

      Glad you like the app otherwise!

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