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Will Cascades Kickstart BlackBerry 10 Development?

Cascades Development

I have been waiting for RIM to release Cascades since they first announced the native development for the PlayBook. Cascades is the way developers can create visually appealing AND consistently beautiful BlackBerry 10 apps with ease. To prove this point one of our friends, Keeper, shared a video of what he created (called Photo X) with Cascades in a day. Its a simple photo viewer yet what I found even more impressive was how easy it was for Keeper to develop the app. He has not developed in C/C++ since he learned the basics 11 years ago and just picked it up for this app. Check out the results below:

Let us know if you have been toying with Cascades and if you plan on building something with your skills! I am really waiting to see if Cascades will help lower the bar for entry to visually beautiful BlackBerry 10 apps that are a breeze to develop. Who would have thought a few years ago that BlackBerry development would be this straightforward?

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  1. Yes it is. It’s straightforward and does all the heavy code.

    For example, the GestureHandlers, the PinchHandler will return the pinch ratio and rotation while we are using 2 fingers to zoom or spin, then set these values to the ImageViewer scale and rotation, then the ImageViewer does all the zooming and rotating jobs. Also in GestureHandler, we have DoubleTapHandler and TapHandler, then put some code inside and That’s it.

    Check it here:

    Another cool stuff is dynamic variable. For example, use 1 global variable for many components UI values like position, size, color…. Once we change this variable, all those components automatically update their UI by themselves.

    There are 2 coolest things of Cascades are:

    1. All UI related updates is handled on separate threads. You hardly can lock the main thread.
    2. Cascades manages components(objects) in tree nodes. Delete the higher node, all the children are deleted automatically. You can forget the crazy memory management jobs in C/C++. That’s more than awesome 😉

  2. Any word on if this will be released for the BlackBerry PlayBook? If so, when? This looks amazing and I would love to have something like this on my PB now!

  3. lovely….

  4. I’m a huge fan of Cascades and like the way to develop cool apps.
    But developing complex business apps there are still some issues to solve,but I’m sure the guys from TAT will do it.
    I’ll focus my future work on Cascades even if at the moment I’m spending same amount of time to develop as to report issues 😉

  5. QT ftw! 🙂

  6. Those are gorgeous features! I hope a lot of devs use Cascades.
    Once again – Teasers Are Torture!

  7. I am not a developer, and I don’t know much about Cascades. But I have been waiting for an app like that on my PlayBook, and on my future BB10 phone. Looking forward to buying it! Looks great. And to think that it was done in one day… thinking that other great apps are on the way as well. 🙂

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