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More (Limited) Hands On Impressions of BlackBerry 10 Devices

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Our friends over at CrackBerry have gotten some time with RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry 10 QWERTY and touchscreen devices and posted the limited details they could. Obviously there is more they were not allowed to say but it does give us a few more details to pine over. They confirmed MicroUSB, MicroHDMI, MicroSIM, and hinted towards possibly having a MicroSD slot but there is no confirmation on that. They are also loving the BlackBerry 10 software though they could not say much new about it.

I highly recommend checking out their impressions that Kevin wrote up. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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  1. I really don’t see much in his article, at least nothing that has not been discussed/revealed before.
    I am looking forward to BB10 but honestly the only thing that keeps me with BB is the most powerful e-mail client yet in any handset. I am seriously afraid that they will mess that up and throw in a fancy looking e-mail client that looks and works like Playbook e-mail software. Surely there must be others who dislike playbook’s e-mail client, it is nothing like blackberry. It is slow, clunky, cluttered and lacks a lot of simple features even BB5 has.
    On top of this, corporations have to invest in new BES? I am afraid that most corporations will tell their users “just get an iphone”.. but who will cover the productivity that is lost due to crappy e-mail interface?

  2. I don’t think the phone will have that email client. I think I read that the one on the playbook is written in Adobe Air while eveything on the phones will be native.

    I think RIM didn’t even weant to bother with email on the playbook (until BB10) but they had to due to overwhelming complaints (most from non-users). So they quickly put a team together and belted out some quick PIM features.

    Also I read an article on an IS website that said most companies still want RIM and BB10 because of the multiple levels of security that are not there in iOS6.

  3. I hope you are right because the way it looks from the screenshots, it is very similar to PB e-mail client. I had to use PB while I was traveling and I was really unhappy with the performance, and lack of functionality. Anyway, I would be more than happy if they ported the old e-mail application/functionality from BB6 or 7 to BB10 without any changes. Sure, cascading screens look nice, but I hope they don’t get carried away and make it look fancy and mess up the whole system..

    The only reason I am still hanging on to my 9700 is because I am waiting to see what BB10 will be like, but it seems like a wait with no end in sight. What worries me most is that the physical keyboard hardware is not even previewed or leaked.. I mean there are supposed to be developers working on apps, if there is no alpha unit how are they supposed to develop apps? Unless they have super secret brotherhood with blood oaths and ceremonies before they release an alpha device to devs…

    On the other hand, it would be perfectly fine if they left the keyboard shortcuts functional with the touch screen, then we can think about using full touch screen device.

  4. I also hope they greatly improve the email Client because I don’t like the one on the PlayBook it takes a long time to load.

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