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BBTor BitTorrent Client Available for BlackBerry Smartphones

BBTor BBTor2

We have seen torrent clients for the PlayBook but this is the first I have seen for BlackBerry smartphones. Running a Bittorrent client on your BlackBerry will probably not do wonders for your performance or battery life but if it is something you have been wanting BBTor may be worth checking out.

Features include:

  • Support resume downloads
  • Support downloads of large files (over 2GB)
  • Supports UDP trackers
  • Registration of extensions ".torrent" and ".tor" in the Blackberry OS, allows you to open torrent files without starting the program
  • Supports multiple simultaneous download torrents
  • Supports all types of transport (GPRS/EDGE/3G/BES/BIS)

Check out BBTor for $2.99 in the store

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  1. So I went bought this. Waste of my money as far as I’m concerned. I tried seven different torrents and only one worked. Not to mention they fail to tell you before buying that it won’t work on 1x CDMA networks.
    The concept is great, but the execution is sub par.

  2. You are wrong. I have many customers with CDMA phones, and application works well. The main trouble is that most popular trackers use udp protocol, whis is not supported by Blackberry OS through BIS/BES. So BIS/BES users have to find torrent files with http trackers.Recently there was new version of APP. There is improvement for cdma phones.

  3. Paid of item and didn’t get a download link what a load of crap steel my money cunts

  4. Wtf? Why do we have to pay for everything? And the download link doesn’t even work, pathetic

  5. Asshole app. Idiotic waste of money.

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