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RIM Applies for Patent for Automatically Drafting a Blog Entry

 BlackBerry Auto Blogging Patent2 

It seems like RIM want to make writing articles for BerryReview easier from BlackBerry devices. Engadget spotted a new patent filing from RIM for a “System and method for automatically drafting a blog entry.” RIM describes this invention as:

There is disclosed a system and method for automatically drafting blog entries. In an embodiment, the method comprises: defining a triggering event for generating a draft blog entry; detecting the triggering event; and upon detection of the triggering event, automatically generating a draft a blog entry in a predetermined format. The triggering event may comprise, for example, capturing an image, video clip, sound clip, or a browsing a webpage having a URL on the wireless mobile device, and the method may further comprise automatically inserting the captured image, video clip, sound clip, or URL into the draft blog entry in the predetermined format together with automatically generated text. Some of the text may be generated in dependence upon the triggering event.

In other words RIM is trying to patent a faster pre-populated way to create blog posts from a “triggering event.” In other words you can take a picture , sound clip, video, or even a url and it will automatically turn it into a blog post draft for you to easily post. I am guessing RIM is thinking of some sort of travel blogging app since that is what the drawing seem to indicate. Also worth noting is that the images seem to be of older BlackBerry Pearls and old BlackBerry interfaces so I wonder how old this filing is…

BlackBerry Auto Blogging Patent3

Check out the full patent filing here

BlackBerry Auto Blogging Patent

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  1. So they want to Patent an idea. What a bunch of dumb asses. Stuff like this should not be permitted to be pattented. It can be copyrighted though. An application can be formatted to look like anything.

    Personally, I think all patents based on Software processes are retarded and if it can be thought of it can be used. Not as if this is totally a unique thought never conceived before.

  2. Is this patent really necessary?

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