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How Will RIM Differentiate the 6 BlackBerry 10 Models?

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One of the recent details that RIM released was that the first two BlackBerry 10 devices are part of a planned lineup of 6 upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices. We already know that the first will be a full touchscreen device and the second will be a QWERTY model but we don’t know much about the remaining 4. I have been discussing with a few friends that I really hope RIM has a slider model in the mix but signs are not pointing in that direction.

This has me wondering how RIM will be differentiating the six BlackBerry 10 models in the planned lineup. They have already confirmed that they will all have standard screen resolutions so that takes away one of RIM’s common differentiators. They also will all probably be packing things like NFC, GPS, Accelerometer, etc. The only real things I see left to differentiate on are storage capacity, size, and processor speed.

I don’t think that storage capacity is enough of a differentiator to warrant different models but that’s a question mark. CPU’s have to be dual core but possibly they can be slightly faster or slower though there would have to be a minimum baseline for compatibility. The only real solid differentiator I can think of is size with possibly a lineup of lower cost Curve models that eschew higher end aesthetics like stainless steel banding. On the other hand we have already heard from reporters that got a first hand look at the BlackBerry 10 models that the touch model looks like the Dev Alpha or even the iPhone 5 rumored mockups. Also the QWERTY model is supposed to look like the Bold without the silver metal RIM on the 9900.

So lets throw the question out to all of you. How do you think RIM plans on differentiating the BlackBerry 10 lineup?

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  1. Perhaps we are ignoring the fact that RIM has previously made different versions of the same phone, for example, the Bold 99×0 without camera. RIM already said that current BB7 will fill the low-end range, while BB10 being the high-end.

    Perhaps the all-touch, slider and classic devices are planned, along with a camera-less versions of each?

  2. i think RIM needs to have a blackberry 10 phone similar to the old 7210 model w a big large lcd and a qwerty keyboard underneath. also a slider 10 device with a bigger wider softer keyboard ala 9900 definately one better than the current 9810 keyboard response.. I loved the 7210 models from back in the day and as samsung has proven w the Galaxy Note Bigger is Finally back to being Better.

  3. Do you think RIM is including tablets in that device count?

  4. I need a slider phone. No going back now… I love the larger screen but need the physical keyboard. The Torch was a dream come true for me

  5. I’m just hoping the qwerty comes quickly because I don’t want to wait any longer than necessary if everyone else has their new all touch 10 device!!!

  6. My 9850 is everything I could want. Only the OS 10 may be an improvement.

  7. From previous experience and feedback here (thanks guys), I’d say:
    2 Bold (camera, cameraless)
    1 Torch Slider
    1 Torch Touch screen only

    GSM and CDMA (that makes 8…)
    Oh well, guess some of the list won’t come in both flavors.

    • Nice call Amir. I forgot that RIM sometimes considers the CDMA and GSM variants of the same phones to be another phone in their lineup. They did that when the announced the number of devices for BlackBerry 7.
      I am truly hoping they bring back the Torch slider. I really miss that phone. I only use the 9900 because it is the flagship model.

  8. I absolutely hated Blackberry’s until the Torch came out. I love my 9810. I looked at the 9900 and liked the keyboard, would be nice on a Torch, but wanted the larger screen for the internet. Was a mistake not to put an autofocus camera on the 9900. For me a keyboard is a must. Would like to see a landscape slider keyboard on a Torch with a larger screen with real buttons as they are on the Torch 9810 now with the trackpad. I miss the keys on the playbook as well as the menus from the BB key. The operating system is very functional on the playbook as well as v7. The market is begging for something like this and RIM can deliver. Anything else doesn’t matter to me personally.

  9. Yes, I do see the need for a slider, but I think RIM did not account for that since the screen dimensions were never discussed. Sorry folks, looks like the slider (Torch) is history. If you want it, sound off!! Let RIM know your thoughts.

    Btw, the Torch 9810 keyboard could be better. I like the demo (in-store) keyboards better than the actual 9810 keyboard. It has more action than the actual device — almost as much as the Bold 9900, if not the same!

    My wife recently got a 9810 and she loves it. The screen is larger too and better for browsing the Internet.

  10. The big differentiation between the six model is:
    * RIM will produce as we all know the 3 serials like we all see with the OS7 flagships.
    * Slide modele like Torch
    * Keyboard model like Bold 9900
    * full touch like Curve 9380.

    Like this I see RIM making difference on some factors like we can said: camera, flash, internal memory. And this differenciation will be for low end market to high market.

  11. It’s interesting to think how the Curve will manifest itself wrt BB10. Perhaps the Curve will stay a BB7 device for the first year of BB10’s life, and will show up in 2014 as a BB10 device using slower and cheaper components than what is available in 2014… but just fast enough to maintain the BB10 experience as it is launched in 2013. Something like that. Or maybe the Curve brand won’t out live BB7?

  12. I think is RIMM does not include the slider model, they will have a lot of unhappy customers.

  13. Simple. One each of a GSM, CDMA, and GSM+CDMA for the two models – all touch & keyboard. That’s 6.

  14. i think they need one hi-spec phone but with the full range of form factors. Can’t see the point in people arguing over the best form factor – do all of them and cover all bases to mop up up every possible customer.
    I like the large screen and i like a real key board but Mr Fat Thumbs here needs a larger physical keyboard so for me a landscape slider please. I’d also be interested if they could try a flip again – maybe even a landscape flip but with the screen on the outside.

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