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What Do You Think Of RIM Putting Removable Batteries in BlackBerry 10 Devices?

BlackBerry Battery

In the latest media spree coming from interviews with Thorsten Heins and other RIM executives we have learned some important things about BlackBerry 10 such as the upcoming 6 device lineup. One of the items that did slip out as a side note was something that I think is pretty significant. Thorsten Heins confirmed that BlackBerry 10 devices will have user replaceable batteries. This is after the BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha shipped with non user replaceable batteries.

I was really hoping that RIM would move back this way since the non user replaceable battery on iPhone and some Android devices is a real pain. This will hopefully also mean that users who live off extended batteries should also be good to go for BlackBerry 10 or can pack multiple batteries.

What do you think of this revelation?

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  1. Glad to hear that…

  2. It’s so important having an easily replaceable battery, not just for those users that want to use an extended battery or want to carry around a spare-both valid reasons.

    But also because it’s such a simple fix to a simple problem. If you have an embedded battery you can’t quickly swap it out, which generally means you have to CHANGE DEVICES if you have any sort of battery problem. That is not very practical for all intents and purposes and eats up a lot of time.

    A battery is a wear item and throughout the life of a very heavy user it’s not unheard of to replace the battery-not having to change devices makes this the cost of a single reboot-a few minutes, versus potentially 15m up to a couple of hours to switch devices, depending on your platform.

    This was great news to hear when it was first reported!

  3. Great news! Being able to carry a spare charged battery is huge, especially when you are on the move all day!

  4. I just hope that they make battery life good enough that a typical user won’t need to worry about replacing the battery. It is a great thing for heavy users though.

  5. Removeable batteries are so much better… This trend towards sealed batteries is stupid.
    -Easy to replace if the battery health goes bad.
    -Easy to carry spares instead of having to buy external chargers…
    -Ability to replace with larger batteries.

  6. I hope this doesn’t mean we’ll have to do battery pulls……. joke!

    I think it’s good as long as the battery in it gets me through the day.

  7. This should be essential on all phones.

  8. This is what makes a BlackBerry experience what it is today (for true BB-Users). The fact of holding multiple keys inorder to restart your device is very cumbersome ecspecially if you have one hand or if your strenght just isnt what it use to be. So, having this option is most definatly a plus for the BlackBerry10. As well as with time all things fail so to have an option to replace it (again) is a plus. Thank you, RIM!!!
    My $0.02!

  9. Replaceable batteries is a product differentiator which places it in the ‘People that Do’ camp. iPhone users are the group that this should make jealous.

  10. I think they should push the envelope and make the battery hot-swappable. Imagine the convenience of swapping the battery without having to reboot your phone.

  11. Had a brew with an Apple-fan friend last night and he is looking at moving to Android as one of his iPhone complaints is battery performance. A replaceable battery is a strong selling feature.

  12. LOVE IT!!!!! Is the only way go… 🙂

  13. This is definitely a good thing. Hot swapping could certainly be a game changer, too

  14. Never occured to me that RIM wouldn’t have a replacable battery.

  15. Replaceable sounds GREAT!!!

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