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Giveaway: Ballistic Tough Jacket Case For The BlackBerry PlayBook

One of the toughest cases in the market for the BlackBerry PlayBook is the Ballistic Tough Jacket. This case offers protection by combining a four layer of materials designed to absorb and protect in case of drops and bumps. WE have reviewed this product in the past, we gave it a good score.

Ballistic TJ (Tough Jacket)

  • Superior rugged protection for your Blackberry Playbook equipped with four layers of protection and removable ickstand
  • Advanced four layer protection incorporates all of the materials necessary to protect your PlayboCrafted with soft TPU material to help absorb the shock of dangerous drops
  • Equipped with tough impact resistant polycarbonate and also includes Ballistic Corners™ for extra shock absorption
  • Includes a front cover attachment that helps protect the screen during travel, which can also be removed and used as a kickstand

Giveaway: We have one case for giveaway to one lucky BerryReview reader, to enter simply let us know why you want the case, by leaving a comment below. Only one comment allowed per user, more than one comment disqualifies you. Comments must be left before August  11th.

Case is available at:

Price: $69.99


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  1. looks very well thought out and servicable
    Bill W

  2. Tablets are fragile but very useful and to be preserved by all means. So a case like this is an added insurance.

  3. Since I use my playbook on a daily basis for my job, I’d definitely need this case while I’m traveling on the road especially when I’m out monitoring construction sites.

  4. This would make a great gift for my daughter’s birthday in September. She doesn’t have a case and carries her Playbook all around the city unprotected.

  5. The reason why I want one of those cases is because it’s only one of the best cases around and I really do value my Playbook, I take it everywhere I go and wouldn’t mind showing off a brand new Ballistic case. Love it!

  6. I need this as I use it for work and at the lake. This would be good for protecting it from drops on or around concrete and hard flooring.

  7. Great case…I can now take my Playbook with me when I tearing up the trails on my Honda!!

  8. I would love this case so I can give it to my mother in Geogia to go with her new 4G Playbook.

  9. Sound like the solution when I am travelling without the keyboard, especially when geocaching, which can be rough.

  10. Hey BR, I just purchased my daughter a PlayBook (like dad) for her birthday coming up next week. She will be 9… I’ll say no more : ) Thanks for the opp!

  11. i am getting my wife a playbook and this would go great with it

  12. I would love one to protect my precious PlayBook.

  13. I would love to win this case. As my 5 year old son plays games on my PB everyday while I’m at work. I’m so worried like a duck trying to land on a frooze pond…. that ill hears those words “sorry dad I dropped your pb”. So the ballistic Tough jacket would keep my mind at peace. Good luck everyone!

  14. This looks awesome.

    Decent cases are not cheap and this is a testament to that.

    I’d like one of these “just in case”. Hurr hurr 🙂

  15. Arithmetic formula of why I need this case.
    One PlayBook (with lots of valuable information) and everyone who wants to try MY PB! So what do I need for this?

    + Multiple layers of protection
    + Screen protection
    + Kick stand for easy viewing and use
    = Keeping my sanity and lowering my blood pressure

  16. I’ve got a 7 and 9 year old who like to use my playbook to play games and watch movies on, they aren’t the most careful kids with electronics. This case looks and sounds like it would be perfect for protecting my Playbook and take my worries away.

  17. Wouldn’t mind having one of these just to throw my Playbook on the ground in front of people and watch their reaction.

  18. I don’t even have a Playbook yet. Winning this case would give me a perfect excuse to get one!

  19. I’ve already had to replace my front screen from falling and getting a crack (lots of them). Me want to win. Must win.

  20. I want one because I have a couple rowdy nephews and their main concerns don’t include being careful with my PlayBook.

  21. I go on site visits and construction sites weekly so having my playbook protected in those environments would be awesome

  22. I want nothing but the best for my PlayBook.

  23. I would love to win this to protect my PlayBook. Being on the go, having the extra protection is piece of mind. Plus, I’ve hardly seen the TJ case up here in Canada. I like to handle things before I buy them.

  24. I just want this. Don’t need, but I want it. It will draw people in to question me about what type of tablet I have. Once they do, I can proudly demo the beauty and gracefulness of my Playbook in this super armor.

  25. Mine is very important, for many reasons – documents, files, photos, and media. Being in media, I take my playbook wherever I go. Work takes me to different locations – dust, rough road, some jungles, hinterlands, the ocean. The only protection i have for my playbook is my bag (sometimes i wrap it in bubblewrap).

    My playbook is tough, but it can be tougher.

    Send it my way, please 🙂

  26. Because I have a three year old!! 🙂

  27. I have been a loyal BlackBerry user for some years now although I have added the Playbook to my business only within the past year. I travel a great deal and network extensively. I would be proud to show off my PlayBook with a Tough Jacket firmly in place.

  28. I want it because simple it protect my PB. Thank you

  29. I like the case for what it does. I sincerely think the case is ruggedly beautifful making it the best of its kind.

  30. Have looked at some of the offerings out there for Playbook protection and this looks like the one to have. I dropped my Playbook twice but have been lucky so far, no damage. This would remedy my concerns.


  31. I have a “kid playbook” so they can play with something without stealing mine. This would be the perfect way to keep it intact for the long haul.

  32. A nice solid case would be useful. Don’t have any case that can be used as a stand right now, been debating which one to get.

  33. Great looking case,will come in handy when my friends play with my playbook!

  34. I would love to win this case so I would feel more comfortable when my child is using the pb. My mind would be at ease for its superior protection.

  35. My friend has this case and it is so much better than the Otterbox with the built-in screen protector. It offers a similar level of protection with a thinner footprint. While it doesn’t come with a screen protector, I actually think the Otterbox screen protector makes touch response sluggish. I would love to switch to this case instead!

  36. my playbook has fallen so many times am begining to worry something might happen

  37. if I were to win one of these, I would just have to go buy a new 4G PlayBook to put in it. Only seems fair that a new case gets a new PlayBook.

    Cheers for the competition.

  38. trying to win a freebie!! thanks berryriew!!!

  39. Being a Police Officer I’m always worried that my customer will break my equipment. Having a Ballistic Jacket case for my Playbook would mean that my Playbook is safe just like me because I wear a Ballistic Vest

  40. I want this case for my playbook

  41. I use my PlayBook for atleast 5 hours a day and accidents tend to happen. This will give my PlayBook a longer life…!

  42. I always thought these cases were an overkill, until I say my kids drop my Playbook (luckily it’s ok)….could use this.

  43. I could really use this giveaway. I work in construction and really need heavy duty protection for my playbook. I just purchased what i thought was a ballistic online but turned out to b some imitation with no screen protector which is my main goal. Please i will put this case to everyday use without a doubt

  44. Looks like a great case!

  45. I’d love the Ballistic Tough Jacket cast to protect my PlayBook from my cats who love to walk all over and sleep on my PlayBook.

  46. Is this finsh? No? Please chose me 🙂

  47. Would love to have one to protect my playbook that needs some love.

  48. Very nice indeed. This would protect my PB in the field from the occasional drop on the jobsite and sliding across the truck seat and floor. Great contests lately, guys. Keep ’em coming

  49. My PlayBook could use seom protection. Thanks BerryRevew!

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