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RIM CIO Robin Bienfait Answers Key Questions on BlackBerry in the Enterprise

robin bienfait

Over the past few months I have been hearing from many CIO’s that are seeking reassurances from RIM on the continued availability of RIM’s services and network. RIM has been giving the same line to all companies driving home the message that RIM is not going anywhere and they can continue relying on the RIM infrastructure for their key mobile communications.

Instead of just responding to customers requests RIM’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) Robin Bienfait, is going public with the answers to many of the hard questions RIM’s customers are asking. Robin manages the Enterprise Business Unit, BlackBerry Operations, Customer Service, and Corporate IT functions so this is her bread and butter and the answers should hopefully allay RIM’s customers concerns.

I highly recommend heading over to the BlackBerry Business Blog to read Robin’s answers to questions such as:

  • How can enterprises be confident that RIM will be around until the launch of BlackBerry® 10, and beyond, as a stable solution provider?
  • Will RIM be acquired or bought out, and if so, would this disrupt BlackBerry service for enterprise customers?
  • It’s a CIO or IT administrator’s job to ensure that their organization’s mobility needs are met. Why shouldn’t they be planning for contingencies?
  • Will the planned layoff of 5,000 RIM employees affect customer service?
  • RIM has millions of customers waiting for the launch of BlackBerry 10. How do you know that BlackBerry 10 will meet their expectations?
  • How can I trust BlackBerry Mobile Fusion as an MDM solution when the future of RIM is in question?
  • It seems that one of RIM’s systemic issues has been product delays. How can customers be confident in RIM when BlackBerry 10 has been delayed more than once?

I think even non-enterprise customers will find the answers enlightening. Check them out here.

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  1. One of the keys to RIMM’s comeback is to launch a campaign in order to regain the consumers confidence and I believe they can gain some of this back by invloving consumers process. I think they should have a you design the next BB10 phone contest, where consumers submit their BB10 phone ideals and the winner gets a free BB10 phone. Also, a what features do you want on your next BB10 phone checklist should be mailed or emailed to the consumer.

  2. I read the entire interview and while the questions are GREAT, the answers are typical company BS jargon – meaning most were vague non-answers. It’s a shame (the CMO gave much better answers to similar questions).

  3. I agree. Heins needs to be much more specific and the rest of the team needs to put a stop to the repetition

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