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BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK Has SD Card Support in API? Gets Small Update

BlackBerry 10 SD Card support

After updating all of their BlackBerry 10 SDK’s last week RIM has released a quick refresh to the BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK beta. With the help of some devs feedback they identified a sandboxing logic issue that was not working as documented and the property could not be set. They have fixed this issue in this small refresh which you can pick up here.

Josep also pointed out to me that the latest BlackBerry 10 WebWorks APIs introduced this new API which has an interesting new property. It allows developers to query for the static readonly full path of the SD card folder on BlackBerry 10 devices. At first I thought this might be a layover from the BlackBerry 7 APIs but this one is specific only to BlackBerry 10. Then I thought it might be part of the HTML5 spec but this is separate from that LocalFileSystem API. That means that RIM specifically went out of their way to add an SDcard query for BlackBerry 10.

That makes me wonder if that means RIM is planning on adding an SD card slot to BlackBerry 10 smartphones… That would be a change after not supporting them in the PlayBook or BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha. What do you think?

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  1. seems like a reasonable assumption

  2. I vote for it!

  3. I hope so!

  4. Could be to give access to an internal SD card, just like on Android.

  5. I hope so, and I hope that some day I can write my own software. Being a dentist doesn’t really help in that field.

  6. I am a very memory intensive user. The 8 g of memory I have is not enough. If the Bby10 devices offer at least 32g +of memory I would not care but otherwise I would prefer a card.

  7. Yes for additional controllable memory

  8. NOT included an SD slot IMHO would be the sort of stupid out of touch with the customer sort of thing RIM became infamous for doing (or not doing). Yeah Apple can get awah with not including, the sheeple will buy anything Apple puts out there. But RIM doesnt have that luxury…

  9. I download a lot of podcasts and I’m not so good at deleting them.
    I NEED and SD card, it would disorient my entire life if I had to delete things.
    “from the disconnected voices in my head”
    Tony Renier
    Green Bay WI USA

  10. This is a must!!! RIM made a huge mistake to go with 16/32/64 GB versions of the PlayBook. Try tried to follow Apple’s lead but they’re not Apple — proprietary everything & one-size fits all mentality.

    One version with a minimum of 32 GB RAM *PLUS* an SD card slot would have been so much better!

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