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4G BlackBerry PlayBook Running OS 10.0.4 pack 197 Caught on Camera

BlackBerry PlayBook 4G Update to BB10

I am really curious to see how RIM positions the 4G BlackBerry PlayBook when it comes out. One of the main questions I have is if RIM will launch it as PlayBook OS 2.0 or as a preview of BlackBerry 10. Up until now we have seen leaked pictures of the 4G BlackBerry PlayBook running OS but now BlackBerry-Fr has scored some pics of the device being upgraded to OS 10.0.4 pack 197. I am not sure if that means we will be seeing the 4G PlayBook launching with OS 10 but weirder things have happened.

What do you think will happen? RIM has confirmed many times in the past that the PlayBook will be upgraded to BlackBerry 10 but they had that scheduled for after the BlackBerry 10 smartphone lineup launches.

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  1. I could imagine that the PlayBook will come out with OS 2,
    but Developers will be able to put BB10 beta’s on it to test BB10 PlayBook Apps

  2. It was recently known you can take Dingle Berry upgrading and downgrading tool to load the recent Dev Alpha OS to the playbook. So this person probably did this

  3. This is a screen shot for beta testing of BB10 which was already announced to be available as an upgrade for the PlayBook in the future.

    By the way, look for Paratek technology under the hood of the new PlayBook 4G.

  4. ahhh, just posted this in the forums

    The following question was eating at me a while back and has been brought up again with the BB10 phone delay and the recent N4BB rumor today that BB10 could be on the 4G Playbook.

    My question is. Why RIM would not have all the BB10 tools available now, be compatible with the Playbook now? Can’t they bake it all into the official launch of OS 2.1?

    They don’t NEED to call it BB10. Just leave it as OS 2.1 but have all the ability to run cascades apps

    That way all the BB10 developers that finish their app before Q1 2013, can have an avenue to sell their apps via the Playbook

    Doesn’t that make sense? Am I crazy?

    • BB10 is far from being ready (API). It would be a nightmare for devs.

      A shame RIM stopped working on Tablet OS though since there are still so many missing components (many from RIM itself).
      It’s a dead platform, everybody is focusing on BB10.

      • ofutur,

        BB10 is a platform for SmartPhones AND Tablets – PlayBooks will run BB10

        • Indeed, but it will be coming in 6+ months and Tablet OS as we know it today is a dead platform.
          I’m sure we’ll be given an opportunity to play with BB10 on tablets before its official release, but we’re stuck with APIs which haven’t moved since last year iirc.

  5. There is no way we’ll see BB10 on a PlayBook before the BB10 devices are out. We’ll see OS 2.0.x or OS 2.1 — I’m hoping for 2.1 because of the nice enhancements to the Android player, PIM apps, etc.

    I don’t think RIM wants to port to the PlayBook just yet because it will cause delays in getting BB10 out. They need to be focused on getting the BB10 devices out. They can’t be distracted.

    BTW, BBA Brian, there is already a PlayBook OS 2.1. I’m running the beta and it’s sweet 🙂 However, it is far from BB10. Cascades is already built into OS 2.1 but not the latest & greatest UI engine.

    RIM also announced that there was a lot of BB10 code to integrate and test. That branch is not ready for production yet. There are lots of UI changes in BB10 — the entire UI has been revisited and refined. I like OS 2.1 but RIM has done a lot since.

    I am very pleased that we’ll have BB10 eventually running on a PlayBook! That means my PlayBooks will have a long life 🙂

    • i meant the non beta version of 2.1. I don’t think cascades as implemented for BB10 is available under 2.1, otherwise we would be seeing more cascades apps in appworld

      can anyone confirm or deny this?

  6. I’m concerned this said PlayBook 3G+ not 4G. Is this running LTE or just HSPA+??

  7. This is a great ideal! This would help boost sales and give developers something to work with. They could use the newest version of the Dev Alpha OS.

  8. It’s been announced that the 4G version is going to run 2.1

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