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4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook (32GB) Rumored to Launch July 31st for $549.95

PlayBook 4G LTE Canada

RIM has been saying for awhile now that they will be launching the 4G BlackBerry PlayBook. It looks like that time might be shortly upon us according to the latest leak courtesy of MobileSyrup. They have scored a document that shows the 4G BlackBerry PlayBook launching via Bell and other Canadian carriers on Tuesday July 31st, 2012. The Bell document shows the device selling for $549.95 outright without a contract. That sort of jives with some rumors we have been hearing of it selling elsewhere for $350 with a contract.

The 4G BlackBerry PlayBook will only be coming in a 32GB flavor and a 1.5Ghz dual core processor. All the rest of the specs are the same. So I have to ask. Will you be picking up a 4G BlackBerry PlayBook? I am also curious to see what features it launches with.

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  1. If Rogers has it for $199.99 with contact.. I will def think about it. If they have it for $150…. I am 100% in

    If its $250 or more… ahhhh…. might not go there right away

  2. Its a bit pricey – but the 1.5 Ghz processor would be sweet, maybe snappier performace??

    We shall see what the carriers come up with. Nice to see it finally coming though!!

  3. To rich for my blood. Glad I will have my hands on N7 tomorrow. I have no need for a 4/3G tablet. Hotspot or Bridging is okkie dokkie for me.

  4. Ok stupid question but isn’t the current wi-fi only a 1.5 ghz dual core already? or is it 1.2?

    I think I’m going to hold out, it just means another data package for me and I have a huge cheap one already (6GB for $30.00) and I’m not going to get anywhere as cheap as that even with contracts and incentives… but you never know…

    I’ve travelled with my PB and it’s been fine bridged to my phone and on hotel wi-fi’s or if for work then using home/office/client’s wi-fi access points.

  5. This tablet is DOA.
    2010/11 tech and still missing the big names in apps.
    Anybody who tries a Nexus 7 at the same time as this will buy the Nexus.

    • Except there is no 4G N7

      • Yet…, but it’s not really an issue since most smartphones can be used as mobile hotspots.

        • Except that there are people that want a 4G tablet and that’s what this discussion is about. We all know about using a hot spots.

        • believe it or not, a lot of people cant figure out things such as hotspots and tethering. I know my parents in-law cant. Many elderly people can’t as well.

          Having a dedicated connection would appeal to a lot of people who think setting up a hotspot and dealing with the battery drain is a pain in the ass

          I have already inquired with Rogers and I can add a 4G tablet to my data share plan on my 9900 for only $5 a month.

          I give a real world value to a 1.5 ghz 32 GB model 4G Playbook at around $350 – 450. So signing up for a 3 year contract at $5/month comes out to $180 bucks over 3 years.

          If they sell it for $200… I am in for $380, right in my valuation zone

    • Ofutur.. which tablets released recently would you put as 2012?

      Just curious

      • The Nexus 7, the Transformer Prime, the “new” iPad and probably a few more Android tablets.

        They all have better screens and a smoother UI.
        Some even are or will be 4G very soon.

        RIM could have released a 4G PlayBook with a HD screen and DLNA support to make it more attractive, but the PlayBook’s biggest problem is AIR. It just slows down everything and would require some serious CPU/GPU upgrade in order to improve the experience.

        • are you serious?

          Nexus 7: 215 ppi
          Playbook: 170 ppi
          not much difference there, but Nexus win

          Nexus 7: FF 1.2 MP Camera
          Playbook: FF 3MP, BF 5 MP Camera
          Playbook win

          Smoother UI? Thats subjective and you are forgetting BB10 will be on the Playbook which is still a unknown factor. The Playbook UI is pretty “smooth as is”

          Nexus 7: 1.2 Ghz quad core
          Playbook: 1.5 Ghz dual core
          Depending on the task, the 1.5 will perform better or the 1.2 will perform better… depends on the task

          Nexus 7: 8 or 16 GB
          Playbook: Starts at 32.. don’t know if 64 will happen
          Playbook win (don’t bring up the cloud, we are talking hardware)

          Nexus 7: 1 GB Ram
          Playbook 1 GB Ram

          Nexus 7: I have read many places the speakers suck
          Playbook: Still the best tablet speakers imo

          Nexus 7: 4325 mAh battery
          Playbook: 4800 mAh battery

          based on my count… thats 4 wins, 1 loss and 3 ties in favour of the Playbook

          Just sayin

          • Of course, you can pick your battles and make any device win against the other…

            Screen: 720p vs 1024×600 /N7 wins

            Camera: Back camera is ridiculous, 1.2 MP is enough to chat /Tie

            UI: I meant in-app and the PlayBook just can’t compete. I know BB10 is coming, but nobody will buy a PB now while waiting for an OS coming in 6+ months… /N7 wins

            Processor/GPU: Doesn’t matter as long as the experience is the smoothest. /N7 wins

            Storage: I agree that 16GB may be a bit too little for some. I couldn’t care less. /PB wins

            Speakers: PB wins hands down. They’re loud and clear. Perfect to stream content.

            Battery: Who cares about capacity. you can play longer with the N7 /N7 wins

            but then you can go
            DLNA support: N7
            Movies rental: N7
            Secure kernel and perimeters: PB
            Device encryption: N7
            Keyboard: N7
            Grip: PB

            It will depend on your requirements.

            • Camera back is ridiulous? Its a spec…..

              UI isn’t “tech” anyways its software

              your processor/GPU point is subjective

              DLNA, movies, security, encryption are all software

              If you throw software in the mix then yes, Playbook is WAY behind in the cloud game

              But to suggest their tech is way behind the competition is straight false

              is it cutting edge? no

              is it still competitive, yes, at its price point

              if they were charging $500 for the 4G Playbook WITH A CONTRACT I would be flaming it so hard

        • Transformer Prime: 150 ppi
          Playbook: 170 ppi
          not much difference there, but Playbook wins

          Transformer Prime: FF 1.2 MP, BF 8 MP Camera
          Playbook: FF 3MP, BF 5 MP Camera
          Transformer win

          Smoother UI? Not with ICS on the Prime, but again, thats subjective and you again, BB10 will hit the Playbook

          Transformer: 1.3 Ghz quad core
          Playbook: 1.5 Ghz dual core
          Depending on the task, the 1.5 will perform better or the 1.3 will perform better… depends on the task

          Transformer: 32 or 64 GB
          Playbook: Starts at 32.. don’t know if 64 will happen

          Transformer: 1 GB Ram
          Playbook 1 GB Ram

          Transformer:Speakers are OK
          Playbook: Still the best tablet speakers imo

          Transformer: 6579 mAh battery
          Playbook: 4800 mAh battery
          hard to compare given size of device difference

          based on my count… thats 2 wins, 1 loss and 4 ties in favour of the Playbook

          Just sayin

  6. WAY too expensive. Apple can get that sort of premium price, RIM not so much. $350 seems to me the absolute max they could get what with Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 at $199 and folks sorta used to a $150 up charge for integrated cellular wireless.

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