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Review: The Weather Channel App

Different people have different requirements for weather news, so the perfect weather app for any given person might not fit someone else that well. Because of this, to be sure that you have the best weather app for you, you’ve really got to put in some legwork on your own. That said, I can tell you why I find the Weather Channel’s app to be really good.

When I’m browsing online for weather information, my go-to site is usually, which is run by the  same folks that made this app. Like on their website, with this app, essentially any weather information I need, including (importantly) precipitation and temperature likelihood for the next ten days is just a couple of clicks away.

Perhaps the best feature is  the weather map which has the Doppler radar  area overlaid on a map of the area. If it’s raining, by looking at the map you can see if you got hit by some scattered showers or if you’re in the middle of a massive storm. There’s also an “animate past” feature on the weather map, which shows the movement of the radar over the last few minutes (which should show you in which direction a storm is headed). This feature does seem to work (especially if the storm is a fast-moving one), but the movements are rather jerky and not that pleasant. (I’ve seen better online, but this is mobile.)

The app also has a bunch of other cool features. In two clicks, I can find out if there are any severe weather alerts in my area (there aren’t), how the weather is at local airports (it’s fine) and what the weather is in different locations (by zipcode). There are various options, as well. I can see my temperature in Celsius or integrate the weather into other BlackBerry features by adding the weather menu to my address book and calendar. Essentially, it’s a good app for me because it gives me my current, and 10-day weather and affords me the opportunity to watch animated radar of my local weather. But to see if you like it, you’ve got to check it out.
All in all if you are looking for a solid free weather app for your BlackBerry check out The Weather Channel free in App World and let me know what you think is the best weather app for BlackBerry.


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  1. Gets some pretty lousy reviews in AppWorld. Only does US? Not Canada? That’s pretty lousy (and useless for me.) I used to use WeatherEye but I’ve been using the AccuWeather app for a while now and it’s pretty good. Certainly does a good job of delivering weather warnings.

  2. I like this app but I miss weatherbug’s app which never got updated to suit OS 7.
    This app used to be slow but its slightly improved lately.

  3. It’s been awhile since I used TWC app so maybe I should take a new look at it. I use AccuWeather Premium service on my PB and computer (work pays for the service) and that service is excellent but on my phone its not all that good. I never cared for the AccuWeather app either

  4. While is nice, Weather.Gov is great too. The National Weather Service recently updated their website, and the mobile site made was completely redesigned.
    Check them out at

  5. I have the Accuweather application on my phone and I’m not a big fan of it. It seems like the 10+ extended forecast doesn’t seem to be too accurate. Have you noticed how accurate it is through this app? Even the daily seem to be quite a few degrees off than my local news channel. I like getting the weather warnings on my phone through it though. I didn’t realize how many different weather apps there are out there. I just might have to try this one and see if it’s any better than the one I have now. Thanks for sharing.

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