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RIM Patents Detecting and Conveying Emotion in Messaging Applications

BlackBerry emotion patent

RIM is really piling it on with their patent applications and approvals. This one was applied for in January of 2011 so it is not recent but it does cover detecting emotion in your words. The idea is that your phone will detect the emotional context of your message and present that determined emotion in the message. Your emotions are captured from multiple sensors on the device (mood ring BlackBerry anyone?) and sent in a standard format.

Here is how RIM describes it:


The present disclosure provides a device and method to convey emotions in a messaging application of a mobile electronic device. An emotional context of text entered into the messaging application is determined and an implied emotional text is presented for at least a portion of the entered text in accordance with the determined emotional context. The emotional context may be determined from captured sensor data captured by one or more sensors.

In other words you may need to be more careful about how much you let your hands tremble and face contort while BBM-ing your boss. 🙂 I wonder if RIM will use automatic emoticons? via USPTO via Engadget

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  1. I noticed the trackpad in the illustration. This could be great for BBM and Facebook and cement BlackBerry’s status as the social phone. It would be cool if it automatically inserted emoticons for the appropiate emotion.

  2. Interesting, I can already picture the sites that’ll spring up to show inaccurate emoticons (like all those sites that show weird Google results or messed up phone predictive text).

    The concept sounds partly familiar. I know there’s been work done on how to determine the emotional content in electronic communications (primarily e-mails). The idea was to prioritize messages – an automated system could red-flag irate customers for immediate response, find threatening/bullying messages, etc. (dunno if it would de-flag all those that insist on marking all their communications as important if the emotional content didn’t support that).

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