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BlackBerry TK 3.0 Discovery Concept Phone Will Make you Drool

TK DIscovery Concept Phone4

For some reason concept phones tend to make me have the same reaction as when I used to read popular science back in the day. I remember reading about how we would have flying cars by now but that is neither here or there. With that said the latest BlackBerry 10 design concept (This is not a real design!) by digitalhomeboy really caught my eye. He created a revision of his running line of BlackBerry concept phones. This one he dubs the BlackBerry TK 3.0 Discovery as a full touchscreen device. Definitely worth checking out if you want to drool about a possible future device…

TK DIscovery Concept Phone5 TK DIscovery Concept Phone6

Check out all the details here or some more pictures below:

TK DIscovery Concept Phone2 TK DIscovery Concept Phone3

Here is his previous concept side by side:

  TK DIscovery Concept Phone7


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  1. It is very “Android” looking, but I have to admit that I love it. I love the way the menu key is on the screen (I need a menu key), love the size of the screens. I know most will say if you like it that much why not go to an android phone, but it does not have BlackBerry functions and security protections All in all great job on this concept!
    My $0.02

  2. Saying a full touch screen device is “android looking” is pretty ignorant…
    There are. Only so many ways you can take a 4″ inch piece of rectangular glass and make it into a phone…
    Nice concept though, too bad my wife would go through 3 of them in a month… Lol

    • I do not think that my comment was ignorant; not every all touch device looks like an android device (an iphone does not look anything like an android device nor does the BB-9850\60), so, I am not sure what you are talking about. Again I mentioned this is “my” $0.02 not anybody else’s

  3. Yes, I am drooooling! BIG TIME! Good job! The BB10 device needs to have a huge friggin’ screen to make Android folks drool too! Even Apple’s iPhone 5 is predicted to be over 4-inches in diameter.

  4. Ike it! This is conisistent with the BlackBerry Flow concept. The top half of the phone should include: stocks, weather, calendar/tasks, memos, Facebook updates, BBM, BlackBerry app world (with deal of the day) all scrolling across the screen in realtime. The Bottom half of the screen should be devoted to the apps with all the vital info including updates flashing across the app icon.

  5. There needs to be a little more side bezel for qNx gestures.

  6. If bb does this they r sure heading 4 e top.

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