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Thorsten Heins Confirms BlackBerry 10 OS to have BBM Video Chat Natively

Video Chat BlackBerry 10

This was hopefully a no brainer for RIM but Thorsten Heins confirmed during the shareholders meeting today that RIM will not be slouching with BBM on BlackBerry 10. They plan on packing in video chat into BBM along with its other features. It will work sort of like it does now on the PlayBook with PIN and BBID’s. Hopefully RIM also extends it with a desktop client to round it out. The Verge was kind enough to transcribe what Heins said:

With upgrading it into a new experience, think about adding features on BB10 such as video chat, for example, within BBM. There’s many other features to come with BB10 that will really level this BBM experience, which is good today, right? It’s still the major used social network in Asia Pac, which will upgrade that experience to a whole new social networking experience based on BBM. That’s why we want to build on that strength, and that’s why we don’t want to share that strength. We believe this is something that is very unique to us, that is very strong in our portfolio, and we want to use this to build a BlackBerry-driven social networking platform.

Hopefully carriers don’t try to limit this to Wi-Fi only and RIM does some of its video compression magic so we don’t go over our data limits. Kudos to CrackBerry for the screenshot in an older leak.

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  1. Useless if not cross platform. Much like the useless video chat app on the Playbook.

    • Why useless? Are you saying that BBM is useless too because it’s not cross platform?

      • Well, since this will be a feature of BB10 devices if you can’t video chat with folks on other platforms then it is indeed just as useless as the video chat app on the Playbook. You see, you will have to know somebody who also has a BB10 device, and possibly a Playbook, to video chat with them. And how likely is that unless everyone you know runs out to buy one?

        Not really comparable with BBM.

  2. I wish they would have option to BBM chat/video chat or to send a Text/IM to people who don’t have BBM.

  3. I agree with the comment that it is useless (at least here in USA) if not cross-platform. Come on folks, Blackberry market share is down so low, think about it. How many of your friends have a Blackberry? For most of us, MAYBE 1 in 10?

    As for carriers, seems to me those that still actively carry Blackberry 6 months from now when this actually hits would be joyful to so it used a LOT. As they move away from “unlimited” to metered data, anything that makes people use up their data bucket quicker just makes the carrier MORE money!

    • It is a bit useless now. If RIM had built in a front facing cam on all BB7 devices (HUGE mistake!!!), PlayBook users would have a whole lot more folks to video chat with. Nevertheless, it is done. Can’t fix that dilemma today.

      The next step really is Skype. Siimply put, BB10 and PlayBook must have Skype!

  4. Video is already super compressed already. What RIM has to do is monitor the line throughput and drop down the refresh rate dynamically so you get 1 frame a second consistently well or 30 frames per second, and lower res video as the line allows. The system should also recommend an audio only connection if the throughput is slow or very inconsistent.

    In other words, the video chat feature must think presentation first! You want to feel connected so stalled images just makes people wonder if the other person is still there on the other end.

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