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RIM Has Ottawa QNX Employees Working "All Out" for BlackBerry 10

RIM Ottawa Headquarters QNX

It is not secret that QNX is the core behind BlackBerry 10 and most of the mindshare for the low level operating system resides at their main offices in Ottawa. Jacques let us know about a report in the Ottawa Citizen that RIM is directing their Ottawa staff to go “All Out.” According to reports they are hearing RIM is limiting summer vacations and working 6 day work weeks to get BlackBerry 10 ready. Reporters have been trying to speak to employees right outside the offices but are rightfully shown the way to the PR team.

As much as it sucks to hear about employees worked to the bone I am excited to learn that RIM is doubling down and doing everything they can to get BlackBerry 10 out the door. As much as we have grown to know the legacy BlackBerry team over the years I am really curious to see what QNX has cooked up in BlackBerry 10 along with RIM’s core teams and acquisitions.

To all of you at RIM working double time on BlackBerry 10 we wish you the best of luck and Godspeed! We hope to have the final product of your efforts soon.

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  1. Its do or die for RIM. My $200 is waiting for a few more months, I hope they can pull it off this time.

  2. About Time – Give me 50 push ups Double Time

  3. If I was a betting man, I would say 99% of the staff want to work double time and long hours! And don’t need the RIM management to ask or force them! They are hurting as much if not more and are proud of what they do and can deliver.

    And btw tell the reporters to talk to the hand! 99% of them have and are continuing to behave like vultures to sell their publications.

    Guys and gals we are rooting for you and Godspeed!


  4. Well, I’m glad to hear those reporters are being turned away; the staff clearly don’t have the time to talk to them, and RIM certainly does not need more quotes with a conjured negative spin in tech publications. I’m excited for BB10 and happy to hear they’re doing their best to get it ready, although one would imagine that the delay to Q1 2013 is giving them more than enough time.

  5. I’m glad to hear that they aren’t taking this lightly. I and many others want BB10 see the light of day and live up to its full potential.

  6. I am a BIG RIM fan, but this announcement has me more concerned then the delay bombshell. RIM must have realized a while ago that the fall deadline wasn’t goin to happen. Why wouldn’t they have done this back then? At least giving the impression that they are pulling out all the stops for this fall. This announcement now leads me to assume that they may be having more problems with the 10 and are panicking a bit more then they are admitting. I just would have thought that they would have done this way back to keep the fall deadline, knowing how important it is to the entire company.

    Please help calm my nerves. My faith is evaporating.

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