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Thorsten Heins Says Some Carriers Prefer BlackBerry 10 Q1 2013 Launch


One of the most provoking statements I heard during the investors call yesterday was made by Thorsten Heins. He was talking about the unfortunate but necessary BlackBerry 10 launch delay and that RIM no longer thought it could make the back to school and holiday season. This difficult decision during their platform transition was due to the unexpected complexity of combining the vast amounts of code from all directions for BlackBerry 10 features. He insisted that this is not because of the lack of quality of the features but the fact that they are relentlessly focused on quality and reliability and Heins “refuses to ship anything less than an outstanding BlackBerry 10 Platform.”

He then made the statement that really had me scratching my head. At about 9 minutes into the call he said that when discussing their new rollout plan with carriers globally they found that some actually preferred the Q1 2013 launch date. He said this was because that fits with their global LTE launches which should come online then. I am really curious to learn who these carriers are especially because carriers in the US are going whole hog on LTE even before their networks are even fully live. Still it is an angle that I did not think of before.

Thorsten also confirmed that the initial BlackBerry 10 launch portfolio will be focused on the premium portfolio of Touch and Full QWERTY devices with the lower and mid markets covered by BlackBerry 7. They will then phase out BlackBerry 7 as they bring the full BlackBerry 10 family to market.

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  1. lol

    They prefer that because by then they won’t have to worry about Blackberry anymore. Unless, of course, RIM comes on board with MS.

  2. It’s not a bad move if the networks, the hardware, the platform and the apps are all at the rendez-vous.

    It’s like launching a new company/product. If it offers what people want, people will buy it. The past had little to do with the iPhone’s success and BlackBerry is still a strong brand.

    My only worry is the hardware…

  3. Don’t buy it. That’s just lame! The BB10 devices would be LTE and HSPA/+ which is available from most carriers today. There is no excuse for this latest announcement of delays.

  4. Delusional.

  5. Is it that far a reach to have carriers say that? Granted we do have LTE in NA but truly how many places does LTE go to currently once you’re out of the major metropolitan area? Also the LTE packages are crazy expensive at the current moment, at least in Canada… 1GB on LTE with 200 air time minutes is close to $70.00…

    Perhaps just like digital TV signals the carriers are planning to phase out as much of their existing 3G and H+ network in 2013 and force people to make that switch.

    • No it is not too much of a reach but not something that you would think of. The thing that really scares me is that this is more or less RIM’s last delay. This is the “hail mary” and they won’t have time to revamp an in market product like they have done in the past with OS 7 to 7.1 and others.

  6. I agree Ronen, there is absolutely RIM’s last delay. The question shouldn’t even be entertained because if they miss Q1 ’13 now…they might as well scrap everything. My guess is one phone won’t cut it either. They’re not going to win back the shelves at the carriers with a single phone out and with an extra 3-4 months, I don’t think multiple devices at launch is unreasonable now. I don’t care what the marketing strategy is. They lost out on that (exclusives or anything) with the delay past the holidays.

  7. Consider the up side to the delay, durring the forth quarter of 2012, 3 of the 4 main moble platform are going to be going head to head with their latest product launches. RIM now will be behind yes, but new and fresh in the new year. Aswell as standing alone on the airwaves, as a new launch platform!!

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