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Rumor: RIM Board Being Pressured Into Microsoft or Network Sale Deal

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There have been rumors swirling around about this for awhile now but according to Reuters the pressure on RIM’s board has been increased as of late. Essentially the naysayers are trying to force RIM to admit that they cannot continue with their strategy of simply focusing on BlackBerry 10 and may need to accept what Reuters calls “unpalatable options.” One of the options Reuters said is on the table is that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has approached RIM “in recent months” to sign a deal similar to what they did with Nokia. That would have RIM developing Windows phones and Microsoft buying a stake in RIM and funding marketing and other cash subsidies. The other option has the possibility of RIM selling their network or NOC to a private equity or tech company.

Personally I think that these options are just as difficult for RIM to swallow as they were a few months ago. I am truly hoping that RIM’s board can withstand the unbelievable pressure they will be facing in the next 6-9 months to not sacrifice the promise of BlackBerry 10 or the network that differentiates it. Still it will be a long painful journey for them to do so which seems to mean the board will have to make concessions somewhere. The big question now seems to be what they will have to sacrifice to keep the BlackBerry 10 dream alive. They have already put some serious cost cutting measures in place but Thorsten Heins admitted that more will have to come.

What do you think would be an acceptable solution for the Board to be able to satiate investors until BlackBerry 10 is a reality? I personally think licensing the BlackBerry keyboard and BBM might be possible options.

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  1. I think MS and RIM would be a good fit.

  2. RIM does need third party help, but not MS. A partnership with a non-controlling player who just wants a piece of a potentially hot platform. However, to get that, RIM must show they can deliver on schedule. Yeah! More delays equals far fewer partnership opportunities! Selling RIM will destroy BlackBerry 10. They need to suffer through this alone.

  3. Promises and delivery are 2 different thing, Rim has been promesing for a long time a the cost of the shareholders, wait for BB10 will see the stock in sub 1 dollar for what? if is good by the end of 2013 Rim will have a big debt on balance sheet and stock maybe 3 dollars??? Lucent, Nok, Palm, name it this is the same song .. Sell the company now and or partner with a big one or liquidate now that can still get 11-to 13 a share instead if if if you will see 10 again in decades to come, suscribers will start to go down, secure govermant will switch on and on and on….. I lost a lot and sold today instead i went short cuz i know that this board and CEO will not sell they will run the company down and keep as much for them…it is obvious by now, In the pre-anouncment on May 29 Heins said that MOST likey will be an operation loss, instead was a .37 cent loss is this a big missleading or what? smell the roses short the stock and buy it back and go long when hit 1 dollar.

  4. so Nokia is headed into the tank, and RIM thinks a similar strategy alongside Microsoft makes sense? Wow, they really MUST be brain dead in Waterloo if they think their salvation lies in partnering with Balmer….

  5. I think MS could get a lot of value out of RIM. They would like to get the corporate clients and may be willing to pay a good price and evenallow bb10 to exist.

    I think no one will buy bb10 without MS in background there is just too much uncertainty. With MS bb10 might fly. Sell now.

  6. Having worked for both RIM & one of their delivery partners, what RIM has to do is what Apple have done. Stop cow-towing to the networks and man-up. Build a product, build the software, test the shit out of it, and then release it worldwide on all networks simultaneously.

    It’s the networks that want to get advance access to the new product that’s killing RIM and the Blackberry by fragmenting the release dates and diluting the marketing efforts.

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