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Review: Simple to Use BlackBerry Music Gateway With NFC

BlackBerry_Music_Gateway_7RIM’s latest addition to the BlackBerry accessory line is the BlackBerry Music Gateway. The device is fairly small and lightweight which makes it convenient if you want to play your media using the Music Gateway either on your car stereo, or home media center or audio instruments equipped with auxiliary input.   The Music Gateway is easy to setup and works good with both BlackBerry devices and the BlackBerry PlayBook.

What you get:

The package includes the Music Gateway, one two-way 3.5mm audio cable, one 3.5mm to RCA, and a micro USB wall charger.


  • Enjoy Wireless Freedom: Streams music from your smartphone, tablet or other devices to your stereo(1,2)
  • Your Device is the Remote Control: Track and volume control from across the room, plus access your apps simultaneously.
  • Connections Made Simple: Tap to connect with NFC2 or use standard Bluetooth1 for universal connectivity.
  • Plays music through: Any home stereo, powered speaker system, or car stereo with auxiliary input(1,2).
  • Online music services: Works with online music services and apps on your smartphone, tablet or device, such as Slacker, 7digital, and BB Music
  • Product Dimensions: 60mm x 37.5mm x 11mm
  • Product Weight: 22.2g

Supported devicess:

  • BlackBerry devices with NFC (Not enabled in all carriers)
  • Bluetooth enabled laptops and personal computers
  • Bluetooth enabled smartphones
  • Bluetooth enabled tablets
  • Works with Smartphone, tablet or device must support A2DP and AVRCP Bluetooth profiles
  • Smartphone must support Near Field Communication (NFC) for tap to connect feature
  • Supports NFC enabled BlackBerry devices

Connect Blackberry Music Gateway to:

  • Bookshelf or computer speakers
  • Stereo system
  • In car stereo system
  • MP3 Player docking station


Setting up the device is simple, the center of the device has the BlackBerry logo and it is also the button that allows you to pair the device. Simply holding the button for a few seconds and the blue and red light starts to flash letting you know is ready to pair. Search for the Music Gateway on you tablet or smartphone and pair.

The Good:

The music gateway offers a simple and affordable way to stream music to entertainment systems through Bluetooth. It is easy to setup with either of the two cables included in the package and makes it even easier to use with the NFC enabled devices. The Music Gateway is not necessarily limited to BlackBerry devices and works with other Bluetooth enabled devices but owning a BlackBerry is definitely a plus. The devices delivers great sound and doesn’t take away from the music experience. The BlackBerry or your PlayBook is your remote control so you simply play the music you want and skip those songs you don’t feel listening to.

Playing music stored in your devices is easy, or make it even easier by streaming music from apps including Pandora, Slacker, or internet radio streams.  I like to stream Pandora, or slacker all the time when I am home, and allowing me to stream my music to the home stereo from either of my devices makes for an awesome experience.

Price: The price is competitive compared to similar Bluetooth music receivers, at $49.99+shipping from


The Bad:

One of the nuisance with the Gateway is that it requires the device to be hooked up to the charger to pair it, and play; that means if you are not near the charger you are out of luck. The device does not have a rechargeable battery which makes sense for the small size but it also makes it less portable.

Final thoughts on the device is that it offers a competitive alternative to streaming music to your car or home stereo at a decent price. I’ve used similar products but do not offer the features  such as NFC and compatibility with a wide range of devices.

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  1. Received Music gateway and have set up on home stereo. The instructions included Don,the talk about use with Playbook. Does anyone have some experience with bluetooth connection with playbook and the gateway? Thanks!

  2. I’d like to comment about the charger requirement. I’d state that as a usb connection requirement. If you have a portable stereo with a usb port, which cheap one’s have these days, you can power it off that. In other words a battery operated set of speakers with a usb port would allow this unit to also be portable.

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