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Heins Promises that BlackBerry 10 Hardware Will Be Competitive at Launch


One of the analysts from Goldman asked a question that immediately came to mind when RIM announced that BlackBerry 10 was launching in calendar (not fiscal!) Q1 2013. She said that chipset roadmaps, displays, hardware, and more are on a constant upgrade cycle. What was relevant for BlackBerry 10 launching in the 2nd half of 2012 will no longer be competitive in Q1 2013. In short she asked if RIM was going to ship BlackBerry 10 with 6 month old hardware. Great question right?

Thorsten Heins said he was actually glad they asked this question. He said that when RIM designed BlackBerry 10 it was designed as a platform not a phone with hard specifications. He said he could not go into specifics on the call but he was “very confident” that “BlackBerry 10 devices would deliver both performance and an exciting experience.” He also said that the draw of BlackBerry 10 is not the hardware specifications but the experience targeted at BlackBerry users who value productivity along with exciting features on the software layer. He promised that BlackBerry 10 device hardware will be “more than competitive” but stressed that hardware was not BlackBerry 10’s competitive advantage.

That is very reassuring to hear that RIM is planning on being “more than competitive” with hardware and software. Now if only they could start bringing that timetable in since they are in desperate need to ship BlackBerry 10 ASAP.

PS: If you want to check out the answer Heins gave verbatim just go to 42 minutes or so into the earnings call.

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  1. In other words, BB will have a chance to have a fixed platform and OS for the phones instead of us waiting 8 months to get a good working OS 7.1 if you know what I mean…
    I think they are moving in the right direction and the wait isn’t that bad really, I’ve tried every new phone and it’s just frustration after frustration to have a good working phone.
    About the hardware being updated by launch time, Heins answered in a smart way of saying NO. What he’s saying is they will work on improving the OS and not the hardware which is OK as long as it works like the playbook which I really LOVE 😀
    Happy Canada day and 4th of July y’all

  2. This is BS.

    There is no way that the current Colt/London will ship with current specs. This is from the company that doesnt get hardware, remember?

    To prove my point, take a good look at 4G PB. At dual 1.5ghz, it is DOA compared with the 7inch nexus tab that was announced yesterday, and the retina ipad. However it would have been competitive 3mo after the original playbook shipped.

  3. Thorstien is correct when he says that BlackBerry use are about productivity and an exciting experience not neccesarily the latest and greatest hardware. They need to set a relaistic date for BB10 release and stick to it.

  4. The market is all about what I have and how it compares in numbers, the more GHz the better. Unfortunately that’s not true but the ones who know better are poor geeks and those who don’t are rich…not so knowledgable people, C’est la vie

  5. Promises and delivery are 2 different thing, Rim has been promesing for a long time a the cost of the shareholders, wait for BB10 will see the stock in sub 1 dollar for what? if is good by the end of 2013 Rim will have a big debt on balance sheet and stock maybe 3 dollars??? Lucent, Nok, Palm, name it this is the same song .. Sell the company now and or partner with a big one or liquidate now that can still get 11-to 13 a share instead if if if you will see 10 again in decades to come, suscribers will start to go down, secure govermant will switch on and on and on….. I lost a lot and sold today instead i went short cuz i know that this board and CEO will not sell they will run the company down and keep as much for them…it is obvious by now, In the pre-anouncment on May 29 Heins said that MOST likey will be an operation loss, instead was a .37 cent loss is this a big missleading or what? smell the roses short the stock and buy it back and go long when hit 1 dollar.

  6. OK, so most of what he said confirms that the hardware won’t change much and that some aspects of it might be dated, as usual, but the “more than competitive” is intriguing, if it’s not some optimistic, biased, bs view.

    Things that will still be competitive in the 2 upcoming devices:
    – 1280×768 on a 4.2 inch screen with swipe gestures support
    – A nice 720×720 OLED screen keeping everything running cool
    – A great keyboard
    – LTE/HSPA+
    – 15 colours notification LED

    Things that need to be right:
    – A 8-12MP camera w/ autofocus and large aperture
    – 1080p video capture
    – A killer camera chip which allows for very quick pic taking in any condition. Everybody has made progress in this dpt in the last 9 months
    – A replaceable battery which lasts a full day (unlike the 9900)
    – Enough CPU+GPU power to give us a very smooth UI. Unlike the PlayBook or 9790

    If RIM puts together a very optimized OS, it won’t matter that much if the CPU is a bit dated. But if there is any sign of sluggishness in built-in apps or the OS itself, they’re done in the eyes of consumers.
    If the camera is not better that what Apple, Nokia or HTC currently offer, then RIM will just stay true to its reputation of under-delivering in the hardware dpt..

    • Yeah I think they will definitely upgrade the processors and such but OLED and such specs are not going anywhere anytime soon. The difference between a 720p and 1080p resolution on a 3-4 inch screen takes a microscope to really differentiate. What will really make or break them is the software.

      • The Motorola Atrix HD will come out this month. 6 months before the first BB10 device and its specs are pretty similar to what I think the first BB10 device was supposed to be like. Here they are:
        – 1280×720 on a 4.5 inch screen
        – 1.5-Ghz dual-core processor
        – 1GB RAM
        – LTE
        – 8GB internal storage + sdcard
        – 8MP camera
        – HDMI out
        – Bluetooth 4.0

        So if the specs of the first BB10 device are not upgraded, I’m sure, the media will complain, no matter if BB10 is awesome, smooth, etc.

        The processor won’t matter much if the UI is hardware accelerated and games run well.
        A great battery life would be a valid argument for staying with a 2012 processor
        2GB RAM would be nice, because we want to multitask and use powerful apps.
        The camera needs to be amazing, for once.

  7. I still believe RIMM’s best course of action now is to stay the course, acquire vital companies, make sure to include all capabilities plus some added killer apps and most imprortant – stick to timetables.

  8. I’m saddened by the current news and delays. I have had & used Blackberry Devices exclusively for at least the last 8 years. I currently have a 6 OS device, and it spends a significant amount of time clocking, if you know what I mean. There have been no 6 OS updates in quite a while. I’m eligible for an upgraded device and have been for quite some time. I have been waiting to get an updated Blackberry Device, with the best performance. All the hype suggested that this would happen with the 10 operating system. RIM may put them self out of the market, still standing at the line, and missing the race. IPhone & Android are moving fast, and claiming a larger and larger market share. Where is the sense of urgency in the minds of RIM. I’ve been waiting/being put off for quite a while.

    • iOS and Android are completed OSes. They basically now just adds features to their OSes. BB10 is a completely NEW OS they are building. Once the OS is launched, then RIM can work on added features only and executing ONTIME with future devices, but they have to get the OS out the door first. The more i think about it, while it hurts to wait, I am very confident that RIM will deliver and once they deliver, it would be a little easier on RIM to execute future devices since it will just be feature enhancement and additions for the future.

  9. So,

    12 month old hardware when it comes out?

    I just emailed this article to myself using my work BB and locked it up…

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