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RIM Lists APIs Coming to BlackBerry 10 SDK Betas On the Road to Gold


I am really loving the openness RIM has provided into the development of BlackBerry 10 and the tools for developers. The latest in this vein is an article by Tim Neil detailing what to expect in the current “First Beta” of the BlackBerry 10 SDK tools that are available now. On top of that he makes it very clear that this is only the first of many beta’s in the cycle to a Gold release for BlackBerry 10 development tools. They are trying to minimize any changes that may require you to change functionality supported in a previous beta for compatibility.

What I found most interesting was Tim reiterating that:

RIM has a strong heritage in delivering fantastic deep integration into the core BlackBerry experience and providing a differentiating factor for your application on the platform, and this will continue with BlackBerry 10. As we evolve the BlackBerry 10 SDKs, these deep integration APIs will be made available, but they aren’t quite ready for 3rd party consumption yet.

He then went on to list some of the APIs coming:

These APIs are still seeing refactoring as we move through all the use cases of our core applications. We want to ensure that both our core apps are using the same APIs as 3rd party developers and that the APIs see minimal changes after they are made available in a Beta.

I won’t list all of the APIs that are coming, but I’ll list the hot topics where I usually get inquiries:

  • BBM™
  • PIM (Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes)
  • Messages/Email
  • NFC
  • Share/Invoke Framework
    • Adding your menu item to an existing app
    • Invoking and being invoked by another app
  • String pattern registry
  • Geocoding & reverse geocoding
  • Bluetooth®

All these and more will be coming in follow-up Beta releases, so make sure you grab the SDKs and start building the core of your application to ensure that you’re ready to integrate these features as soon as they’re available!

I am really waiting for the PIM and Messages API integration since that will start the super app craze. Anyone else excited!

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  1. Now update the Ripple emulator again to support stuff like the camera and directory apis….

  2. I will be excited when I will see a complete piece of hardware/software, polished and on sale.

    Im sure RIM shareholders will be excited too when that happens

  3. I think it’s great to see an official commitment from RIM, but some APIs won’t be delivered until mid-September, leaving very little time to test functionalities like Geolocation before an October launch.

    Also, some of the basic BB10 UI elements like swipes to bring menus are still not available and all we have in one of the trackers is a list of tasks with no hard deadlines.

    Something else is worrying. WebWorks API have always been late or incomplete. Will it be different this time?

    • I am hearing some pretty strong commitments to WebWorks. I am not sure if it will be on constant feature parity with the native SDK but it will be much closer than the current WebWorks implementation.

  4. Can anyone enlighten me on something.
    i’ve read numerous times that its supper easy to port apps to the PlayBook from just about any other platform including the exsisting BB7 WebWorks based i believe.
    So why hasent RIM gone ahead and done just that themselfs with apps like BBM, BBTravel and BBM Music just as a stop gap measure until things are native on QNX ? Anyone ?

  5. I believe native BBM will be showing up in the 2.1 PlayBook upgrade and RIMM is waiting until BB10 to integrate their BlackBerry apps with QNX apps along with that Cascades – TAT magic.

  6. “RIM has a strong heritage in delivering fantastic deep integration into the core BlackBerry experience…”

    That hasn’t been my experience at all…at least not the heritage part. I recall first coming to BB OS circa 2008 and being disappointed by how limited the API’s were, and how limited my apps would have to be since many core functions were locked down tight. Many of the apps I wanted to create and knew there was a market for turned out to be impossible at that time.

    But it’s 2012 and things are different you say? True, but a couple of years isn’t a heritage.

    • Yeah the APIs have come a long way though they needed to be totally overhauled which is what QNX gave them. API limitations were one of the most annoying parts of OS creep since older devices would not get the new APIs most of the time.

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