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BlackBerry 10 L-Series and N-Series Specs Leak

Lucas over at N4BB has made monday morning a bit better for us.  He has posted an article entailing the specs of both the L-Series (all touch ) and N-Series (QWERTY BB) BlackBerry 10 devices.  Now these specs are only really about the screen, and the device dimension, but it lets us know what we are looking at size wise.  Keep reading after the break for more details.

The first rumoured devices were to be the London and the Nevada, and it seems that they have just shortened it to be L-Series and N-Series.   We all know that the all touch L-Series will launch first, and here are what we can see for specs.

BlackBerry L-series:

  • 768×1280 screen resolution
  • 55mm wide
  • 356 PPI

Essentially it is the same screen as the Developer Alpha that some of us were lucky enough to receive, and mainly all that’s going to be changing is the form factor, and the styling of the device.  One of the great things to me is that the screen on the L-Series will actually be a better screen than the iPhone 4/4s.  Another detail you can get from the picture above is the UI structure of the screen. It lets us see where and how big some of the UI items will be on screen.

The Nevada, now known as the N-Series is what a lot of die hard QWERTY users are waiting for, and it seems that the first release will be sporting an OLED display.  From the looks of the specs for size, it could be a great device, while using all of the screen for BB10 greatness.

BlackBerry N-series:

  • 720×720 screen resolution
  • 52 – 53mm wide
  • 330 PPI

I know we are all waiting to see actual production units specs and pics, but this information is enough to keep us  for a little while.

Source: N4BB

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  1. I hope they have a slider BB10 in the works!

  2. Yes. In an attempt to keep resolutions homogenous. I think another res is a bad idea if lower than that of playbook. A 10 inch playbook will mean another resolution….way too many. Keep everything homogenous. One low res for phones, one high res double pix for tablets

  3. Depends. Even if the resolution changes (say for a 10″ PB), if it is a factor of 2 the app resolution scaling can be basically automatic.

    • yes it depends. But rim does not have the track-record of keeping their platform homogenous. So devs spend time adapting their existing apps, instead of developing new ones.

      a 10inch PB with 2X resolution is fine, but then devs have to take advantage of that otherwise reviewers/users will complain that their apps suck.

      with a 10inch PB, 7inch PB, touch BB10 and touch BB10 full qwerty (non-slider), they should have 2 res, not 3.

      i know the qwerty will have an odd shape due to the widescreen nature of QNX/PB, but they should have tought about it when designing the first PB.

      platform, platform, platform.

  4. They can complain but it’s not unprecedented and the apps work and will be available. Honeycomb had the exact same problem.

  5. An OLED would be a big win from a battery life and daylight viewing perspective.

  6. I know I will regret giving up the keyboard, but I’ve kind of hard it with the small screen experience. A super highquality slider (i.e., with a bold 9900 keyboard not a Torch keyboard) is the only thing that will keep me on keys. Come on RIM build the slider everyone wants, but this time make it look nice. I had the 9800 and while it was fun for a while, I never really thought much of the design.

  7. I’m still very pleased with the Torch 9850 touch keyboard. I cannot imagine giving up half my screen for a physical keyboard with tiny buttons to maneuver. The other Torch 9800 with a slide out keyboard has to be heavy and unnecessary. JMHO

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