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RIM Consolidates BlackBerrys Manufacturers Starting With Celestica

BlackBerry 7 Family

RIM mentioned during their last earnings call that they were making changes to their supply chain to lower cost along with other cost cutting measures. As further proof of that fact Celestica has announced that they will no longer be manufacturing BlackBerry products. They have been focused on making Curve and Bold models for North American in Mexico. According to Reuters that brings RIM’s manufacturers to Flextronics International Ltd, Jabil Circuit Inc, and Quanta Computer Inc. The first two are expected to win the contract to take over from Calestica since Quanta just builds the PlayBook.

Wall Street seems to be spinning this as more bad news for RIM but mostly it is expected. RIM is starting a new with the BlackBerry 10 line and the lower sales figures for legacy BlackBerry devices will continue to go down as they are replaced by the new generation. I am just hoping this also means that RIM will have two, max three, lines of BlackBerry 10 devices instead of the multitude of form factors we currently have.

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  1. Over at Intomobile (if I am not mistaken, and I could be,) they are claiming that Celestica basically has refused to make BBs. I hate it when tech blogs always have to make things sound worse than they are. It is just down sizing not an externl company rejecting RIM.

  2. RIM need a max of 2 models phone.

    High End Devices
    Bold – Enterprise (Qwerty Keyboard & Touch Screen)
    Bold – Consumer (All Touch Screen)

    Low End Device
    Curve – Consumer (All Touch Screen)

    There might be some configuration differences like Governments not wanting cameras on their phones.

    • I agree. Apple is making a killing off one form factor.

    • There should be 3 high end models:

      (1.) Bold – Touch screen with qwerty keyboard

      (2.) Bold – Full touch screen

      (3.) Bold – A slider with touch screen and slide out keyboard

      2 lower end models:

      (1.) Curve – Touchscreen with qwerty keyboard

      (2.) Curve – Full touchscreen

  3. Amen, Ronen…

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