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Easily Change The Snooze Time From the BlackBerry Reminder Popup!

 Konami Code2 

I have been looking for a solution for being able to easily change the snooze time for a reminder  or alarm on my BlackBerry for years. Somehow Kevin @CrackBerry found about this easter egg hidden in the BlackBerry calendar that allows you to do just this. By entering in a certain code in the calendar options screen you will not have the ability to change the snooze time in 5 minute increments from 1 minute to 60 minutes by scrolling left or right. The best part is that it works in both the Alarm Clock and Calendar reminders.

Konami Code3 Konami Code

To enable this awesome feature that should be enabled by default simply:

  1. Open the Calendar application
  2. Press the menu button and select options
  3. In the options type the letters acsz
    if “acsz” does not work then try “ALT+acsz
  4. As confirmation of it being enabled you should immediately see a popup stating “Now allowing user to change snooze from dialog”

If you ever want to disable this feature just perform the same process again. I am just shocked that RIM does not have this as a menu option even though it seems like it has been there since OS 5.0. I really hope RIM publicizes it more and enables it by default. This is one of those features that I cannot imagine anyone turning off… Kudos to Kevin for figuring it out.

PS: Anyone figure out what ACSZ stands for? I feel like we need to start typing in Konami style codes into all the native apps until we find more easter eggs…

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  1. A guess would be “Alarm Clock SnooZe”?

  2. Damm… this is sweet, why the hell is this not turned on by default!…. (flash back to my palm years)

  3. Thanks for sharing! 🙂 Much appreciated.

  4. I hope they make this easily accessible in BlackBerry 10.

  5. very nice, very nice indeed.

  6. OMG I’ve been wanting this capability for so long! Will try it out in the morning.

  7. Yeah this instantly became my favorite BlackBerry feature. No other mobile OS got this right so I am shocked RIM fixed it and hid it in an easter egg.

    • Yeah one of my employers just replaced my Storm2 with a Droid Bionic (they are cheap and would only give me what Verizon offered as a free upgrade). I’m feeling its a step backwards in functionality, so many things I want to do but the Android just doesn’t. The hardware is sure nicer though and LTE rocks!

  8. Yeah Android definitely has LTE which is a huge bonus but right now I find the battery compromise is just too much. You cannot get through half a day so most people turn it off to get a full day. The other thing that drives me nuts on my Android phone is that nothing is integrated. For example, if you try searching all your Gmail accounts at once tough luck. Better yet the king of search does not let you search your Gmail/Email or your calendar from the “Universal Search.” Its like nothing is fully baked but more of a pet project.

  9. damn, what is this blackberry software thinking about hiding this feature. i almost throw my blackberry in dustbin until i read this acticle. good job man! you saved my blackberry.

  10. Now is there any way a reminder popup is not accidentally dissapear due to accidental ‘escape’ key pressed? 😀

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