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Stellarium PlayBook Astronomy Map Updated With Pinch to Zoom

Stellarium Stellarium4

We mentioned Stellarium last month as an awesome PlayBook app that packs the solar system in your tablet. The app is a port of the very popular open source Stellarium project and is being continually updated by the Stellarium Group for the PlayBook. Since we mentioned it the app has gone through a few updates with the latest adding support for pinch to zoom and direct time change through a dialog.

Features include:

  • GPS and magnetometer(compass) support for automatic location detection and point-and-view functionality
  • Asterisms and illustrations of the constellations
  • Realistic Milky Way and images of nebulae including full Messier catalogue
  • Azimuthal and equatorial grids
  • Celestial object search, powerful zoom
  • Configurable location, landscape, projections,…

Check out Stellarium for $1.99 in App World

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  1. This is a fantastic app. Nothing on IOS or android come even close to this. I used it on my linux box and it was my dream to see it on playbook

  2. I agree, I’ve been using this software in my PC for years now, then I purchased for my Playbook and worked great, but yesterday I wanted to use it, and somehow doesn’t work, just gets frozen, I checked my Playbook and even deleted Stellarium and reinstalled it, and nothing… Sad, I hope somebody can give me a hint, thank you.

  3. Help! I can’t find Stellarium for Playbook in the App Store. I used the link in this review and also searched directly. I am in the UK: is it not available here? I use Stellarium on my Linux and Windows machines so can’t see that there would be a problem using it in the UK on PlayBook too. It is a super program so I hope someone can direct me to where I can get it from.
    With thanks

  4. I bought this app the other day. It freezes 2 seconds after it opens. I have time to scroll about 3 degrees or click on a menu item but that is it. I sent an email to the guys who created the port at [email protected] on Monday, but haven’t heard back from them. They have my money, but I have nothing. Very unprofessional. I’ve since found other people that say they had the app and it worked until the recent update to the Playbook OS, so maybe (hopefully) they are working on a fix. Maybe that is why it was removed from BBerry App World.
    **Do not buy this app until/if they fix it!**
    Also, I have the original program on my laptop (PC) and it is fantastic.

    • That sucks. Let me know if you don’t hear back from the developer

      • I’ve opened a ticket with [email protected] to investigate these guys. Am I that concerned about $2? Not really. It is the principle of the thing.
        I don’t think it looks good for Blackberry to let vendors sell apps that don’t even work.
        I’ll give it a week and see what happens.
        Ideally, I want a functioning copy of this program on my Playbook. It would be great to have this outside and portable.

        • Blackberry has refunded me the money for this app, which is awesome. Quick, efficient response from Appworld Support!
          I have heard nothing from the vendor, so I have no idea whether they plan to fix the app or not. Hopefully they will.

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