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Apple’s Slightly Modified iOS 6 Features Are a Blessing for RIM


The tech world got hit with a flood of announcements yesterday with the Apple WWDC going on in San Francisco. Apple announced a load of new product improvements but most people were interested in iOS 6 which is coming this fall. Apple detailed many of the 200 improvements coming in iOS 6 for the iPad and iPhone but most were let down. Most of the announcements Apple made for iOS were all refinements of a legacy platform rather than game changers (Bla1ze @CrackBerry has a good breakdown).

One of the main factors that analysts have been hammering RIM for is that BlackBerry 10 will not be able to compete with iOS 6 and Android 4.0/5.0. Now we know that on the software front the bar has not really been raised though we will have to wait for later this year to see about the hardware. In other words RIM’s competition is not exactly standing still but they have not moved far or unveiled anything that should change RIM’s plans.


Many of the features that were announced during Apple’s press conference seem laughable to BlackBerry users though it clearly reminds me of RIM back around BlackBerry OS 4.5 through 6.0. For example, here are a couple of features that iOS 6 is finally going to bring:

  • Different email signatures for different email accounts
  • Setting a song as your alarm clock sound
  • Customizing the vibration for alerts
  • A do not disturb feature
  • You can now finally attach images and videos to emails from the compose screen (Seriously this is a new feature!)
  • Uploading images from web forms on websites (I was shocked this was not possible previously)

Don’t get me wrong there are some cool improvements like Facetime over cellular connections, more Siri flexibility, and synced tabs in Safari but none of these are really game changers but merely refinements of current features. In other words RIM can breath a sigh of relief that Apple is just bringing a slightly modified (but highly successful) iOS to compete head to head with BlackBerry 10 this fall. BlackBerry 10 on the other hand is packing some revolutionary technology and software that goes back to the roots of what made BlackBerry the perfect tool for “those who DO” in the first place.

Let us know what you thought of iOS 6 and what it means for RIM and BlackBerry 10!

Image credit: The Verge Live Blog

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  1. As I mentioned to the people I call friends despite being iPhone owners when forwarding them this post, it looks like iOS is inching ever so close to becoming a fully functional productivity OS.

    The feature list would like nice accompanied by a list of how many years BlackBerry has already those features. Individual signatures? WWWOOOOOWWWW! What is that, 10 years ago on BlackBerry?

  2. Agreed, point well made Ronen! Apple continues to make just incremental changes to their aging legacy OS and continues to rely on their third party apps and advertising to reel in their faithful. Meanwhile, Blackberry is transforminmg their OS into a hybrid of their functional, efficient OS mixed in with the power and apps of QNX. Watch out Apple, BBX is coming!

  3. Who cares who was first? Do you really think ANYONE will migrate from ios to BB10/BBX (or whatever they want to call it now)? You think ios users will abandon apps they bought? Take the time to figure wheteher/how their music/movies etc will or won’t work on a blackberry? RIM goofed by betting the farm on secure email along with the belief that their costly, cumbersome, EXPENSIVE BES solution would keep the company going. WRONG. Now they can’t even sell the company as it exists and are being forced to put a price on its parts.

    • I guess you missed the point of this post and the comments on top before yours. But then again your not a registered user so I guess your iphone can’t log you in, I can spot a iphone user from a mile away.

      • Yes, I am an iphone user. I switched from blackberry in October of 2011 because I was tired of waiting for improvements that never seemed to come to fruition. I DO miss a keyboard. I DO miss autotext (GOD do I miss it). I miss a lot of other things too about BB but at some point, I had to fish or cut bait. I love the ios platform and I know that may be painful to hear but empty promises will not keep users around.

        • I guess you didn’t read the list of improvements to iOS6 and compared them to the very first bbos. Truth of the matter is apple doesn’t have anything to make QNX look like a fool, so they going after features that’s 10 years old and users like you feel that’s ahead of the competition.

          • I did read the list. I’m not sure I understand what you mean about apple making QNX look like a fool? It doesn’t matter that the features are 1,2 or 10 years old. They are (or will be part of) ios now which means that there is less of a reason for users to stay with BB. The ship is still sinking and RIM has yet to build (or provide SPECIFICS for) a better boat.

            • Cool story bro when ios have the ability to load another platform and it’s apps come see me. Last time I checked the dev device is wipping the floor with the ipos4s. wheres the ui updates to this high flying ship, TRUE MULTITASKING the list goes on and on small updates and you praising apple like its the best thing since sliced bread, when bb7 is pissing on ios in html5 apple is sliding further and further behind the competition. Oh wait I guess this is where your going to talk about apps.

              • How many BB users are there now? How many ios users? Same questions applies about developers. Why should an ios need to load another platform? Why does true multitasking matter if a user can achieve the same result with “faux” multitasking? It simply doesn’t matter if you have the “best” platform, its how many users there are which determine the economics. Where ARE the new devices from RIM?? Promises won’t stop the bleeding and denial won’t stop what is happening.

                • 79-80 millon blackberry users world wide. I can see you’re not a software person so I’ll stick to what you know. Apple hasn’t done anything revolutionary NOTHING. The only thing apple has going for itself is apps and marketing. And as of lately the marketing master been a joke ipad commercial about a screen that’s the major update why would someone leave blackberry for a screen. From the reports I’ve been seeing the dev phone screen is better and brighter than the retina display. Software and hardware wish apple is falling behind.

              • I seem to have been prevented from replying to the latest response.

                Bottom line:

                Is RIM’s user base growing or shrinking?

                Is ios’ user base growing or shrinking?

                Apps and marketing count. They work.

                I don’t know what reports you have been reading, but they seem wrong.

                Don’t even bring up the ipad, cause I will be forced to ask how the Playbook is doing.

                • Last two quarters rim gained a total of 2 million new subscribers while you still playing with your old tech.

                  You tell me your the apple fanboy don’t dick ride on something you have no knowledge of.

                  Apps and marketing is only a piece of the pie EX: lumia 900 mass marketing with a beautiful price. Amazing os, top app barns supporting it look at its situation.

                  You mean the 10″ iphone?

                  By the way RIM is still making money with these dated phones in the low end & high end markets.

                  Before you speak on the PlayBook make sure you use it don’t speak on a youtube walk through. PlayBook games are on par with the ipad they both have hd video recording etc only thing is different is apps and screen size please tell me your argument with the PlayBook.

                  Since the reports are lying here’s one report:

                • Preventing me from being able to respond is the same as RIM not wanting to admit what is wrong with their company. A head in the sand approach does not work. RIM needs better devices which can TRULY compete with iphone/android.

                  Are you seriously trying to compare the Playbook to the ipad? I don’t think anyone who frequents this site can say the Playbook is a worthy competitor. The # of apps available for ipad is relevant because it makes the device worth owning. I have used a playbook and it is nice but without variety of apps games etc, it is not a piece of tech worth owning.

                  RIM may still be making money but it’s MUCH less than before and they are off laying staff and decreasing R+D spending. This is NOT good for the company.

                  Feelings aren’t facts, and fact remains that RIM is in trouble.

                • Hey Jeff,

                  Your a pretty persistent guy and I applaud you for that. I just have some points and I am not really going to get into RIM vs Apple because for me it all comes down to consumer choice. I think we as consumer have only continue to reduce our purchasing ability and created an environment that benefits businesses and not so much freedom of choice.

                  I also think you have some valid points regarding the challenges RIM does face in trying to attract old customers. Your a perfect example of the type of customer RIM needs to win back. RIM quality which I personally think is what has always been the problem. The buggy issues, slow browser, and that hour clock. First impression has a big impact and reading your post it sounds like RIM’s first impression didn’t impress you.

                  But RIM isn’t just faced with trying to improve their quality problem, they also have to deal precievied facts that just are not true but customers precieve as the truth over the years. What I mean is RIM has a better productivity OS and has been doing a lot of what Apple is currently introduces for sometime. While some readers on this post have hinted at that you still don’t care and I think perhaps the bigger problem; not willing to give RIM credit. Its nothing against you I am simply trying to point that you are unwilling to accept a simple fact regarding RIM. Furthermore, you talk about RIM as if the company is going to die yet this company has 2billion in cash and just reported its first lost last quarter. Yet, I think the stories runs every day as though this company is ready to die any day now and as a consumer that puts you away from a product.

                  But customers like yourself are generally influenced by your peers. So my guess is most of your friends had BB at one point and switch to iOS and you made the move as well. But my guess is if you noticed your friend switching back all this I love for iOS would be gone because its not so much about loving Apple as its more about not wanting to be left out.

                  We all want to be carry things that are seem as great. That’s why business like Apple and RIM spend a lot of money on marketing (maybe not so much RIM) and defining their product to consumers. That’s why we also strive to get a BMW rather than a KIA regardless of both having the same core functions.

                  So I guess what I’m saying is Jeff, while you are talking as if you will never touch a BlackBerry the fact is you will if everyone around you started to have one and the overall tone gets more positive. But my greater point is consumers need to stop to understand having a healthy competitor is GOOD for consumers. If you can recall your business class the best type of market structure is monopolistic competition. As a BlackBerry user I want Apple to continue to push because it means a better experience for me.

                  I think RIM can do it with new platform. I’m a keyboard guys but sadly we are dying and RIM needs to focus on touch interface which is growing at a much faster rate and better for business long term.

                  But that’s just my thoughts and I apologize for any grammar mistakes because after all that writing I’m simply not going sit here to edit it haha. Have a good one Jeff.

    • Well, I guess you’re HOPING…be afraid…

  4. Honestly I don’t think there is anything crazy new that phones don’t already do. RIM should be able to launch a competitive phone day one so long as the apps developers get on board.

  5. Jeff I’m an iphone and ipad user but I’m now totally hooked on the Playbook – my next phone will be bb10 because I like qnx so much

  6. celticboi,

    What specifically do you mean when you say “RIM has a better productivity OS”?

    Let me be clear about this, I did NOT want to switch to ios from BB but was left with no choice given NO RIM device came close to the web connectivity and app options that ios/android do. I too believed that my BB was more productive than an iphone, alas it was untrue as I am as productive (if not more) as when I was on BB.

    I have had many friends over the years switch from BB to ios. I waited for years before doing so (October of 2011). To date, NONE have switched back to BB. I doubt any will either.

    RIM needs to make up its mind and streamline their offerings. ONE handheld device and ONE tablet. They do not have resources to manage and develop and SUPPORT multiple models anymore. They have in fact hired an investment bank to explore their options given it;s current situation. They have a lot of product on hand and low demand which will result in further short term losses. How much bad news can one company take?

    You too made some great points, thanks for taking the time to intelligently debate. Don;t worry about the grammar, it’s all good 😉

  7. I was disappointed with Apple this time. I was expecting at least ONE truly amazing innovation for iOS 6 – like Siri or multi tasking were – that would propel them even further. Some times I wonder if this is a “No Jobs” effect or maybe “don’t fix if it aint broken” mentality … or both.
    Anyway, RIM got one of its wishes and now I only expect’em to deliver the “damn good” product that they are promising. If not, then it will be even harder for them because Windows Phone 8 is also coming…
    But hey, maybe RIM can make a lot of money out of QNX’s success on cars, medical devices and what else.

  8. BlackBerry Maker RIM Reportedly Considers Splitting Off Smartphone Business

  9. Blackberry is the best f_ing phone ever!!!, i am using an Iphone 4s and my god! i miss the f_ing blinking red light… i cant even text other girls without my f_ing messages being broadcast to the world. I did try disabling the notification but how would i know if i get a reply if i leave my phone around?… no f_ing blinking red light thats why!!!!

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