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BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 3000mAh Extended Battery Coming Soon From Seidio

Seidio BlackBerry Bold 9900 9930 Extended Battery Seidio BlackBerry Bold 9900 9930 Extended Battery2

I have been waiting for a solid extended battery for the Bold 9900 since  it launched. Since then I have been using the very awesome MiLi HBA-10 2000mAh external battery pack but it is not the same. Michael from BBEmpire spotted the great news that Seidio is finally stepping in and coming out with their own extended battery pack for the 9900 and 9930 devices. The battery will be packing 3000mAh which is a huge bump over the stock battery.

Seidio BlackBerry Bold 9900 9930 Extended Battery3 Seidio BlackBerry Bold 9900 9930 Extended Battery4

Seidio’s website lists the Innocell 3000mAh Super Extended Life Battery retailing for $69.95 and coming soon. Let us know if you see it available for sale!

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  1. then you’ll not be able to use NFC !

  2. My Bold just became the best phone on earth 🙂

    Thanks for posting this Ronen – I’m gonna watch Seidio’s website every hour till its available.

  3. Good point Adham I didn’t think of NFC. On the other hand it shouldn’t be too hard to add back don’t you think? Maybe two contacts and some flat wire 🙂 We could even make something worth of

  4. Thanks Ronen,

    I linked to your story!

  5. Battery life has improved significantly in later firmware builds. This would’ve been a good seller a few months back.
    Besides, it totally destroys the appearance of a beautiful device.
    Get an original charger and battery kit for about the same price. The charger is so slick and small, you will forget it’s in your pocket.

  6. Hey, just thought I’d point out that I received a new Bold 9930 a couple of days ago due to a keybord defect with my previous 9930.

    We I have yet to load BB News and guess what, I’m going on 2 days on a single charge. I’m pretty sure it’s that app that drains the 9930’s battery.

  7. It will sell because nobody else has an extended battery that doesn’t require recoding all the time…

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