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Devs: ZooZ Releases HTML5 SDK For In App Payments


As HTML5 and the mobile web take on more and more importance devs are looking for more ways for users to be able to purchase content. While RIM does a nice job of opening the doors with In App Payments they take a hefty portion of the price for every transaction. James let me know that ZooZ has released a new HTML5 and Mobile Web SDK for accepting secure payments inside your HTML5 app with minimal coding. It is also multinational with the ability to accept payments in 150+ countries along with integration with PayPal and other card brands. ZooZ just takes 2.8% + 19 cents per successful charge and no fees for PayPal.

If you are looking for a way to add in app payments to your app or mobile website check out ZooZ at and let us know what you find. You can also find their 2 minute pitch video below:

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  1. Will probably get you in trouble with App World approval…

  2. Correction: you are allowed to do this, but you still have to pay RIM a 30% share and provide them with quarterly reports. It would be classified as “secondary revenue”, as described in the App World (now RIME store) vendor agreement:

  3. Hi everyone, ZooZ is intended for payment of physical goods, not virtual or digital goods. Therefore, we do not bypass the App stores (iTunes, Play or AppWorld) or clash with their payment processing which is intended for non physical goods. So the developers are not required to pay any additional fees on top of the 2.8% + 0.19$ we charge.
    I hope this clarifies it.
    Oren at ZooZ

  4. As long as the purchased goods (whether virtual or physical) are not used in conjunction with a BB or app, you should be OK.

    Here is what RIM has to say about it in the Vendor Agreement:

    2.23 “Secondary Revenue” means all revenue received by Vendor with respect to an Application in relation to
    use of the Application subsequent to its distribution through a RIME Store and any updates or upgrades
    thereto (whether distributed through a RIME Store by RIME or otherwise), with respect to any product,
    service, content, or functionality made available within or by an Application, but excluding: (a) taxes,
    refunds, and chargebacks; (b) any amounts payable by or on behalf of End Users for Transactions; (c) any
    revenue derived from the sale of products, content or services that are not used in conjunction with a
    BlackBerry device or with Applications distributed through a RIME Store (including tablet devices) (for
    example physical goods); and (d) any advertising revenue derived from an Application.

    (for the full text, see the link above)

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