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BlackBerry 10 Beta HTML5 Tests Smoke the Competition

BlackBerry 10 HTML5Test

We have mentioned RIM’s dedication to HTML5 previously but the results are really starting to shine in BlackBerry 10. I have been using the BlackBerry 10 Alpha browser along with the new PlayBook beta browser and from a web developers perspective they are becoming ideal environments for apps. David pointed out to us that has updated their result set to include BlackBerry 10 beta tests and the results are very impressive.

The original PlayBook OS 1.0 scored 285+9 bonus points followed by PlayBook OS 2.0 which is the current tablet leader at 373+9. Now the development and beta category is also dominated by RIM with PlayBook OS 2.1 scoring 393+10 and BlackBerry 10 scoring a whopping 447+10. Just to give you an idea that means BlackBerry 10 tops all current, development, or beta browsers for HTML5. Check out the full smartphone and tablet rankings for yourself.

Not to shabby for the company that used to be known for its Low-Fi mobile browsing experience… Kudos to the Torch team. We cannot wait to see what you have in store for the browser chrome redesign in BlackBerry 10.

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  1. I know I know…I’m beating a dead horse but if we can just get it to market.

    (fingers crossed behind my back, hoping RIM is underpromising to overdeliver)…what a blow that would be to the competition.

  2. I hope they build highly innovative games and web based apps with this.

  3. If RIM is so impressive with their numbers, why are they getting a beating from all the reviews lately?
    Reminds me of the spiderman movie (Peter Parker at school…) lol :-p

    • Because the reviewers/bloggers and consumers have preconcieved notions (right or wrong, I believe wrong) that BlackBerry is an outdated and not fun OS. Hopefully, BB10 and a lot of markleting changes that.

  4. We’ll believe it when we have it in our hands.

  5. So much negativity from the iZombies, ha ha

  6. RIM needs to outsource their marketing. Its a great product but the marketing is the worst. They are cheap in all the wrong areas. Its corporate structure is heavily tech and they pay no mind to marketing. The company pushes marketing way behind. They should just stop waiting for windows 8 to save the day. All they have to do is create an easy to develop interface for developers to create apps like the XCode and run an emulator on the phone that runs every app. Problem solved. Call us at MyOffices™ we will show you what to do.

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