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RIM Prepping Its Infrastructure For LTE Devices

We know that RIM is working on LTE version of the PlayBook and future BlackBerry 10 smartphones that are scheduled for later this year so this is really no surprise. Lately we have been hearing from multiple sources that RIM has been piling on the software and hardware upgrades to its network to improve both performance and efficiency. The latest bit of news we are hearing is that some of the latest upgrades they are performing is to provide support for future Long Term (LTE) products. Hopefully this means RIM is going to be launching BB10 devices with LTE soon.  RIM has always been behind on faster data support, some of their reasoning is because of lower battery performance,  but from what we can see these days users don’t really care because they are buying battery eating devices as soon as they hit the market, android devices and the iPhone’s are some examples. I happen to see people charging their iPhones at restaurants all the time, mostly women since it is easy for them to carry a charger in their purse Smile.

RIM was late to the 3G market, they were also sort of late to the so called 4G market as well now LTE there are only a few devices out there so it be nice to see them catch up and perhaps offer a more efficient LTE device than the competition.

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  1. The paratek acquisition and that lte chipset they’re waiting for hopefully will help with battery efficiency. . .(despite the fact that most consumers have proven that they could care less about that stuff. . .lol)

  2. Interesting. I would like to see how they market this across the world where carriers don’t yet support this technology. Will it end in court?

  3. As much as I like the 4G on my Blackberry – I do notice the battery life sucks. Battery technology needs some innovation!

  4. So when is that darn 4G PlayBook coming? It’s overdue! The current PlayBook is 15 months old! Still a great device, especially for the price. However, RIM needs some good press. I would like to think it is 2 weeks away! My 2.1 PlayBook is rock solid! Love it!

  5. Go #TeamBlackBerry!

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