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Desktop Bridge Now Available In AppWorld

Ronen mentioned last week about  Pulsecode  working on opening up the PlayBook Bridge via desktop. Well today, the day has come Desktop Bridge is available for purchase in App World.  Desktop Bridge allows you to open your browser and access all of your bridge info from your PlayBook.  Now keep in mind you need to have your BlackBerry smartphone bridged to your PlayBook for this to work.  Grab your copy in App World for $4.99. Let us know what you think down in the comments.  Catch a video of it in the works after the break!

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  1. its sad that BBM has lost traction in NA, and that Bridge does not connect your BBM-SMS contact conversations. Otherwise this would have been amazing….anwering all your txt and BBM through your computer.

  2. Rim should purchase this app, embed/integrate it, and market the heck out of it as a cool BB feature.

    It should be compatible with BB10 directly. BB10 phone directly to your desktop browser.

  3. You know something – I’m going to state the obvious:

    Why on earth didn’t RIM create this some time ago ….

    Nope – sorry – I won’t be buying a non RIM app that does this …. but what an obvious extension to desktop manager.

    • Agree further, If RIM does not release it as their own, I am not inclined to purchase, simply in this case, RIM can do this themselves quite easily. However big Kudos to the dev for venturing into this. I am confident that it will be successful though for them.

  4. oh for sure, for about a year ive been saying that DM should be a direct gateway to your BB through RIM’s servers.

    -see your phone’s screen on DM
    -drag and drop of files and folders on DM for sync when your phone is on wifi.
    -cloud and contact/agenda sync: computer to DM to RIM’s server to your phone through BBM or PIN.

    Since the Original Bold 9000, innovation has drastically slowed down.

  5. RIM can implement somthing like this very easy. They would be using their own pattents, why buy this little app when the real deal is on its way in BB10

  6. Link doesn’t work for me, tells me the requested item is not available?

  7. If this app has been pulled by BB then you’d have to wonder why when they’d already approved it for App World..

    I think the developer was on to a good product that would have been generally well accepted.

    Good on the developer for their efforts because even if BB ends up releasing their own version – it shouldn’t be a problem to have a choice.

  8. Definitely looks impressive and a great feature to have available.

  9.’s not in the app world this a.m. Link still a dead end. Bummer. Was looking forward in trying.

  10. Well, I’m sorry but if RIM cannot be bothered to release this as their own product and expand/improve on it I aint gona be purchasing it. Simple as ABC!

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