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BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 Beta to hit before end of May

We have known OS 2.1 was coming, but, the exact date has been unknown until recently.  Michael Clewley, PlayBook product manager at RIM, has confirmed today via his Twitter account that the beta of 2.1 will hit before the end of May, which means in the next 2 days!

The rollout of the 2.1 beta will go exactly as the 2.0 beta where you sign up to get it and its pushed to your Playbook.  Michael also confirms that no features that will be on the official OS 2.1 will be removed, blocked or held back,  as they were on the 2.0 beta (no PIM)


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  1. So can I sign up for the Beta even though I’m not a developer? If so, will it mess up the apps I currently have installed on my PlayBook?

    • if it works like the 2.0 beta then anyone can register and download the beta.

      Its unknown at this point what will happen to existing apps. I imagine native apps will be fine; however, some android apps might be affected.

      I remember when 2.0 beta was updated and also went official, some android apps got busted and needed to be reinstalled

  2. According to the above-quoted twitter account, they will not remove apps. So basically, it will be just like an upgrade to 2.1.

  3. (regular users) Please, do not expect any kind of “visible revolution”, you will probably more harm your PB than gain anything. This is very likely a hidden upgrade for developers that are planning devs for both BB10 and PB apps.

    THIS WILL NOT BE BB10. Do not rush, wait until some valid/trusted experiments before installing on your PB.

    • lol you must have had a horrible time with OS 2.0 beta!!!

      I for one had no issues with the 2.0 beta and used it the whole time it was out. I am also not a developer.

      The 2.0 did not “harm: the PB in my opinion, it actually enhanced it.

      You are right about this not being BB10… its OS 2.1 beta……….

      • Well, in fact we had some hard times over the CB forums 😉 Some expecting too much, some having issues and most forgetting what the words “developer beta” mean !

        P.S: Personally, I didn’t have any trouble … but I (‘m a dev and) took some time for a clean & fresh install …

  4. Can anyone share the registration link for the beta program?

  5. Good to see you over Superfly_Fr!!!!

    I read your posts in CB when I come across them ….. you’ve informed me and made me aware of contingencies/issues and grand ideas numerous times.

    I hope you sign up to Berry Review and not just remain a visitor!!!! (imagine many smilies)

    • @Heavens. Thanks 😀 it was a pleasure.
      As you can see, I signed … but two forums in a row is difficult (even if often the same answers : it won’t be fair, IMHO, to link systematically to CB from here, isn’t it ?)

  6. Yep ….. like with any new OS, beta or otherwise, it can pay to wait to see what the initial reviews are before jumping in, imo ..

  7. Hey it worth the risk of downloading a beta if I get my txt msgs on my PB via bridge!!!!

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