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Third Party APK to BAR Converter Website for PlayBook Android Ports


RIM already allows developers to easily convert Android APK app files to BAR PlayBook apps online (here) but that was not enough for some. @KoLoNjI let us know about APK2BAR that does the same thing in one click without other steps like keys and SDK downloads. I am afraid this will be used for piracy but that is more up to Google to resolve for Android runtime apps and many of these apps are free either way.

Check out APK2BAR at

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  1. Signing everything with the same key is not the best idea. RIM is going to start rejecting apps made with this method…

  2. Making conclusionary statements—”signing…not the best idea”—without rationale to judge the comment is foolhardy at best.

    Using one single source and consistent system to test one variable, the converted app, is practical in any scientific endeavor. The system is of good benefit to the PlayBook’s ecosystem as it provides additional utility for which RIM is either unwilling or unable to provide or catalyse.

    I’m am an avid proponent of unencroaching freedom, so the piracy concern is secondary to its utility. We ought not legislate morality nor allow all to suffer because we govern to the least common denominator. Imagine if we outlaw all knives due to 0.001% of us who are killers. This website is an effect rather than a cause. RIM should done all the conversion by default, notice the devs of the success and source of the failures, and extract a small fee on each sale.

    Kudos to whoever is “Unker.”

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