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Tip: SideLoad PlayBook Apps Using LocalBar2 Without a Proxy

Originally, a PC was required in order to sideload apps onto the PlayBook. The first release of LocalBar was created to give users the ability to sideload apps ‘locally. The PlayBook could now sideload apps onto itself. Using LocalBar, the requirement for a PC was gone.

RIM then blocked that feature. The PlayBook can no longer sideload apps onto itself. LocalBar was a broken.

The developer followed up with the release of LocalBar2. Changes were made to LocalBar2 in order to circumvent rims block.

Read: “Why do I need a proxy?” @

-To put it simply, with LB2, the PlayBook can once again sideload apps onto itself.. by making use of a proxy server running on another device.

-LB2 can also sideload apps onto other PlayBooks.

  • Anyone in for a surprise? WITHOUT the proxy, you can still use your PlayBook to sideload apps onto itself. You don’t even need a WIFI connection.

Here’s how:

  1. On the PlayBook, enable Development mode and Bluetooth tethering
  2. Go to the homescreen, tap the Development mode icon and make note of the IP address (if there is more than one, disconnect from WIFI and USB)
  3. Open LocalBar2 and select…  ‘Other Device’ 😉
  4. Enter your Bluetooth IP address (from step 2)
  5. Select the app to load, enter your device password and viola

Let us know in the comments if this is working for you. Its been nothing but smooth sailing for me.

In the end, i just hope RIM doesn’t block this 🙂

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  1. Hangs on 0% then gives error, couldnt connect to server

    • Dammit!!!! Lol 🙁 bearer of bad news… I have to wait til lunch to test it out….

    • I just tried again, and its working here.
      Are you sure you have development mode enabled and you are usingg bluetooth tethering?
      Wifi/usb ip addresses won’t work

  2. OMG!!!!! #RIMgasm !!! I’ve been using my bb as a proxy which works, but frequently disconnects and foten took a 3rd and 4th try to successfully install… Very stoked to try this out… Now I just need an app lol maybe that overload bar file BerryReview posted earlier in the week lol thank for this 🙂

  3. Yes i have dev mode on and blue tooth tethering is running, i’m not on wifi

    • And you are trying to load from the “other device” panel, with your bt ip in the ‘remote address’ field, right?
      The ip address should not* start with 192.168(wifi) or 169.254(usb)

      The only times I can get that error is if I try to connect from the “rooted” or “using proxy panels”, or if I’m using wifi

      Its worked for me every single time – not sure what’s going on

  4. I cant even find an IP address. I need better instructions

  5. Yes following the instructions to the letter. just my luck, just tried again and couldn’t connect to server

  6. My ip address dont start with 169. it starts with 10, the issue is probably my Phone.

    • :s
      I can’t imagine what’s going on
      I’m going to see if I can replicate the issue,

      Your ip sounds like its the right one – although mine ALWAYS starts with 25. But that probably has to do with my location.

      I’m guessing you double & triple checked that the ip address was entered correctly..

      Bridge being connected doesn’t make a difference – its still working for me :s

      I wonder why the inconsistencies

  7. Thats what i’m doing following the instructions on BR to the letter, but no go, will try again later.

  8. Mines is linked and bridged, lemme turn off bridge and see if that helps!

  9. Works like a charm, thank you

  10. disabling bridge didn’t make any difference

  11. Ok so finally on break and able to check this method out… Works like a charm, just as u said…. AND NO issues of local bar 2 closing randomingly during install. This will be VERY helpful! Awesome! And thanks!!!!

  12. I can’t even figure out how to turn bluetooth tethering on *bbm faceplam*

    • In the playbook settings screen (on homescreen swipe down from the top, or alternatively tap the gear icon in the top right corner),

      Bluetooth tethering is the 8th item on the sidebar, just below “blackberry bridge” and above “screen”

  13. Ok so i got it all going and it’s giving me an “Invalid XML data” error…..

    • I get the invalid xml error sometimes
      Close and reopen localbar
      Make sure development mode is enabled

      If that doesn’t work, disable and reenable development mode

      Seem to be a bug with localbar

  14. For whatever the reason I’m still not able to get this to work for me, tried restarting phone and PlayBook™ still I get the couldn’t connect to server message, phone BlackBerry 9700

  15. i get the “could not connext to server either ….. must be my bb bold 9780? i have dev mode on and internet tehtering as well …. even have localbar proxy installed on my bb ( but it says “stopped: wifi not available”

    • Maybe its the 97xx series or your carriers?
      You shouldn’t be using localbar proxy. Wifi should be disabled on both devices
      4me, Its been as simple as -connect to bluetooth tethering> enable development mode> open localbar> switch to the OTHER DEVICES tab>. select bar> enter ip & password and install

  16. Is there any way to do it without using a blackberry phone?

    • I haven’t tried, but I’d have to assume using bluetooth tethering from another smartphone would work
      Have you tried?

  17. Isn’t it just as easy to use localbar app on the smartphone? Seriously. It has been proven to work time and again. Also without blutooth tethering and all that is just seems quicker.

    • This method doesn’t rely on WiFi…. Therefore it can be done anytime anywhere… It’s cool for those off wifi moments when something new drops and u want it NOW… Lol

  18. Not sure how to edit posts, so, I’m awfully sure any smartphone could use a proxy app by now.

  19. No IP addresses are listed under the developer icon for me…? Followed the instructions exactly, but no IP shows.

    • If you are connected to the internet via wifi or bluetooth tethering there will be an ip address there. There will also be one if you are connected via usb.

      And jsyk, localbar2 is BROKEN in os2.1

  20. I can’t find an IP neither. How to turn on Bluetooth Tethering? Can you give more detailed instruction? Thanks!

    • In the playbook settings screen (on homescreen swipe down from the top, or alternatively tap the gear icon in the top right corner.. Bluetooth tethering is the 8th item on the sidebar, just below “blackberry bridge” and above “screen”

      This – sideloading via this method – doesn’t seem to work in OS 2.1 anymore.

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