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Ways to Force PlayBook Android Player to Quit

Android Runtime

If you are a regular user of sideloaded Android applications on your PlayBook you may have noticed that the runtime sometimes hangs. This gets really annoying since the only reliable fix seems to be restarting the PlayBook. I am not sure why RIM does not offer users the ability to do this themselves but there is another hack that has been working which is essentially using up as much RAM as possible until the PlayBook memory manager kills off the Android Runtime. At first this involved opening up memory heavy websites, PIM apps, or more but some devs have gotten creative…

John pointed out a new app called Memory Eater in App World ($0.99) which is a native application that just eats all the available memory until the Android emulator is killed by QNX. He also mentioned that there is a free version currently in beta from FileArchiveHaven, the developer of Secure Browser, called Overloaded. The only catch is that Overloaded is not in App World so you need to sideload its bar file from here.

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  1. its especially frustrating with words with friends

  2. Thanks for the article 🙂 the lag is a huge pain sometimes … I DO miss that option to force close but this will do the trick…. Memory eater is worth the 99cents tho 🙂 maybe I’ll give the .bar file a chance tho to compare. Thanks again 🙂 -bookmarked-

  3. I’ve been following up with RIM on this issue(speciafically regarding using ‘adb logcat’ when the said freeze happens).

    I was told that most of the instability issues in the Android runtime would be fixed in the next update.

  4. Wow, that is crazy. Thanks for the explanation though!

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