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More Pictures Of BlackBerry 10 Homescreen, Keyboard, & Camera Come Out

 BlackBerry 10 homescreen 

We are seeing more pictures of BlackBerry 10 showing up on various media outlets today thanks to RIM having a media briefing in London. They have been giving journalists on the other side of the pond a look at the features of the upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices but not much more than they showed off at BlackBerry World. They do give us more insight into the BlackBerry 10 Homescreen experience and its gestures that Thorsten Heins and other execs did not focus on during the keynote.

BlackBerry 10 homescreen3 BlackBerry 10 homescreen4

In the briefing RIM showed of the main homescreen with the multitasking four last apps that are running minimized with updating information like calendar and photos. We also see the application tray that you will get with a swipe left gesture to launch other apps with a swipe right gesture giving you access to your unified inbox. I also see the search box but RIM has yet to show off universal search…

Check out the reports at and KnowYourMobile for more info (via CrackBerry)

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  1. well that confirms what we have suspected for a while with respect to the app grid.

    BB10 is going to so fluid with the “flow” and all the gestures/swipes.

    can’t wait

  2. They need to show off the universal search option that incorporates swipe getures and patent it so Iclone won’t copy it.

  3. So it’s going to be some ugly halfbreed between iOS and Windows Mobile…great…….just when I was convinced I wanted to come back to BB

    • Greg. Do you use a Playbook?

      • I do. I like it a lot actually, I just am very disappointing with the that it is translating to this phone experience. More importantly I will be completely turned off if there isn’t a physical keyboard.

        • that makes no sense

          have you seen the demos of how the “tiles” will work?

          they are a kin to the “opened app” carousel on the Playbook, a minimized version of the app…. so its not the same tile concept of Windows

          the only similarity to iOS is the grid format view which is not unique to iOS and wasn’t even originated by iOS. Blackberry even had smartphones with grid icons before iOS

          the way they have it set up is intuitive, fluid, easy to access and fast

          in my opinion at least

  4. BB10 is to similar to IOS and Android. BlackBerry should look different. And there should be a keyboard.

    • BB10 OS is differnet and more effecient than IOS, Android, Windows – No endless icons to scroll through and apps that do not close properly(IOS); or screen stuffed with widgetsand clunky OS navigation (Android); or Endless tiles to scroll through, without multitasking (Windows); BB10 is all about flow, the ability to navigate appps and check messages effortlessly. The virtual keyboard is also far more efficient, which is why Apple developers are trying to come out with knockoffs. There will be a physical keyboard in future versions of BB10.

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