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iOS Jailbreak Community Already Copying BlackBerry 10 Keyboard

Octopus Keyboard 

Score one for RIM’s engineers in the “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” category for BlackBerry 10. Kevin @CrackBerry spotted a new iOS iPhone tweak for jailbroken devices that tries to mimic the BlackBerry 10 keyboard RIM showed at BlackBerry World. This rip off is called the Octopus keyboard and is scheduled to be released as early as next week in the jailbreak app store Cydia. I have also been asking contacts at RIM if they have a patent on the BlackBerry 10 keyboard and still have not heard officially one way or another. Still its nice to see competitors copying BlackBerry 10 before it is released.

Obviously RIM’s implementation is going to have a much better polish and technology than a jailbreak tweak but it speaks to the fact that the iOS keyboard is aging. If you really look at it the BlackBerry 10 and the PlayBook OS are currently the youngest large mobile OS out there with iOS soon the be the big dinosaur in the room.

Check out the Octopus Keyboard demo video below done by iDownloadBlog

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  1. I seriously believe that developers for these “jailbreak” apps are actually the original manufacturers (in this case Apple) with an incognito member, disguised as an “independent 3rd party app developer” who apparently has no connection to Apple.. This way, no litigation, no lawsuits.. Hey, apple didn’t do it.. right? Easy way.

  2. innovation has to be followed by execution….

  3. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but even tho they can bring this to iOS it’s nothing like the BB10 keyboard. If you’re an Apple user you would think it’s the coolest thing, but it doesn’t even come close.

    In the picture word “hey” is above the letter “e”. If it was on a BB10 keyboard it would be above the letter “h” because that the start of the word.

    I suppose though it would still be better then the silly iOS autocorrect which gives you words that are completely unrelated to what you’re trying to say… LOL.

    • If you watch the video or even look in the top right corner you can see that the technology is copied, they typed “H” in, they copied that concept (which you said they didn’t) but whayever, apple keyboard needs a revamp! Love that RIM is making the buttons as wide as possible, innovative, and pretty 🙂

      • “hey” is suppose to be on top of the letter “H” on the keyboard even though the letter “H” is typed in the message. “Hey” is above the letter “E” on the keyboard. If you look at the bb10 keyboard most of the words are on top of the first letter on the keyboard. I’m not talking about the screen. 🙂

        • Yes, some words are moved up and rendered again. Didn’t happen for me during development though. It’s alpha anyway – will be fixed 😛

  4. Apple doesn’t innovate.
    Jobs was copying himself -in new segments of the market.
    Now he’s dead.
    Long Live BlackBerry!

  5. To clarify. I am not Apple developer an hasnothing with them. I made this keyboard based on RIM ideas by my own inplementation. I like BB10 more than iOS so far and will for sure get one when it’s out! I will see what RIM thinks about it and whether they have any patents for it. It’s not released yet (only preview for iDB). I will be even ok to include BB10 adverts in this keyboard as I really believe in RIM future and plan to buy their stock soon. 🙂

  6. They are producing many very good news in rim.

    Multithreaded, applications animated, dlna or similar system to carry the blackberry screen to a TV, hdmi connection if the TV did not have dlna, blackberry with tomtom, editor JayCut.

    But one thing is missing that others are implemented vigorously.

    I think you should reconfigure the BlackBerry Protect to make copies in the cloud of working documents, videos, music and photos.
    A BlackBerry Protect all that, with a fast upload and download files and that could get into your cloud from the blackberry and organize folders.

    if you add a mini keyboard that connects wirelessly with BlackBerry and BlackBerry Protect along with the ability to carry the image of the blackberry to any TV with HDMI or dlna or similar, many users would have the blackberry as their single device.

  7. I hope RIM path patented their BB10 keyboard and sue this developer for copyrights infringement.

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