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Will Bridge 2.1 Bring AppWorld Accessibility?

"BlackBerry Bridge" Photo by Jeff Grenier (@jeffyos) Taken with a BlackBerry PlayBook

Sitting here at work with no wifi and an Angry Birds Space update taunting me from my PlayBook’s notification bar got me to thinking. With Bridge 2.1 bringing the ability to bridge via wifi, will AppWorld then be accessible via Bridge? I sure hope so. That would mean that, no matter where you go,  as long as you have data coverage, you can download and update apps on your PlayBook without having to connect to a local wifi connection. Without paying for an extra data plan. Without paying for a tethering plan (though we’ll see how carriers react to this when it comes out). Without paying for a hotspot plan. Pretty freakin’ cool.

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  1. i wonder what would be faster/more efficient on browsing speeds

    wifi hotspot or wifi bridge

  2. This would be wonderful! And furthermore it would rock that if app world WAS made accessible via bb bridge that carrier billing would now also apply…. I like to just roll my charges neatly into one bill… And it would be way more conv 🙂 lovely write up!

  3. Thanks, Ashley. Carrier billing is an interesting aspect of that! Carrier billing *will* be part of BB10, from what I was told at BBWC, apparently including the PlayBook.

    • Love my carrier billing…. I never know what my phone bill should be anyways…. It scars me less to pay like $50 on my phone bill and just chalk it up to overages lol vs have it show as app purchases on my bank American Express/Bank statements lol… #DeflectsTheBlow lmao I figure bb10 would… But PlayBook would be awesome if it could access carrier billing/app world while bridged for sure… 🙂 high hopes for BB10 🙂

  4. Would love this feature so that my data usage can pass 200MB/month just to use of some more of that Sprint Unlimited plan…

    • Lol! I have unlimted data plans on my lines but live on WiFi…. I seldom go over 200MB either most of the time if I do go over it’s when I have my droid tablet on the 9900’s hotspot…..that thing eats data like a fat guy at an all you can eat buffet after fasting for lent #RealTalk lmao… My PB would do hella damage tho…

  5. The Brirdge features – they keep getting better and better, but I hope RIM offers some sweet features on the 4G PlayBooks to encourage customers to get them, instead of just using the BlackBerry Bridge.

  6. Hey guys

    Just connect using mobile hotspot if you are using OS7.1 the playbook thinks its on WiFi

  7. Totally agree with the editor of this article, I’d LOVE to see BBAW thru bridge!

  8. @Rob But at least with Verizon, Mobile Hotspot option is a separate billable plan and not part of my data plan. The point would be to use my existing data plan to connect to App World especially just to download or update an app. Big PIA at work to do this without access to wifi. A bridge approach would be great (at least for me).

  9. How I download

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