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RIM Awarded Patent for Angular Trapezoidal Keyboard

Angular Keyboard

RIM seems to never tire from trying out different takes on physical keyboards for smartphones. Their latest patent spotted by Engadget was filed in 2009 for an “Angular keyboard for a handheld mobile communication device.” Once you get a look at the picture you understand how it would work. Supposedly this design would help people with bigger fingers to type faster compared to the teardrop happy face design RIM currently uses and keeps on tweaking. Check out the abstract below:

Wireless handheld mobile communication device including a housing with a display above a keyboard exposed for user actuation. A length of the device is greater than the width. Each key of a right-hand keyfield has a longitudinal axis oriented at a left-to-right inclined angle while each key of a left-hand keyfield has a longitudinal axis oriented at a right-to-left inclined angle from the vertical centerline. A left boundary of the keyboard is located adjacent the left lateral side edge of the device and the right boundary of the keyboard is located adjacent the right lateral side edge of the device so that the keyboard spans a substantial entirety of the width of the device. When the device is cradled in a right hand of the user, the longitudinal axis of each key of said plurality of keys located on the right is oriented to be parallel with a widthwise axis of the user’s right thumb. When said device is cradled in a left hand of the user, the longitudinal axis of the keys located on the left-hand side of said vertical centerline is oriented to be substantially with a length wise axis of the user’s left thumb. At least one key in the right-hand keyfield and one key in the left-hand keyfield is isosceles trapezoidal shaped.

Check out the patent at the USPTO for yourself to see what RIM may be working on. Below is another pic:

Angular Keyboard 2

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  1. They are the keyboard masters… Hard to top the #Flawless perfection of the 9900’s keypad tho… This keyboard is a work of art… 2nd only to the 9000’s and then followed in close 3rd by the 9700/9780’s pad…. Angular keypad looks like it’s be awkard, BUT still would love to take it for a spin 🙂 Props on coping a patent tho LMAO certainly is needed given how every1 and their mom are suing these days…

  2. this is going to be interesting if it ever gets released

  3. I’m wondering if this will be put on to specific phones and tried to be like the ‘new’ keyboard… Or if they’ll market it as an accessory that can be puchased and applied sep… Kinda be odd to have a ‘fat thumb’ section in the phone store LMAO… It’s like heading to the Big and Tall areas of the mall… Like will there be a let’s just say BB10 Bold (cuz I refuse to accept that a bold won’t pop up lol) and then like a BB10 Bold Fat Fingers edition? Lol hmmmmmmmm kinda need to/want to know more… Interesting tho…

  4. Most interesting…not much that I ask for except a….physical keyboard and this just illustrates how far ahead RIM is when it comes to keyboards.

  5. I would think the perfect typing experience would be vertical and horizontal. I remember swing a patent they had on a keyboard that did that – I hope that design comes to light.

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