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RIM Australia’s “Wake Up, Be Bold” Website Launches

Wake Up Be Bold

We told you last week that RIM was suspected to be behind the flash protest at an Australian Apple store and accompanying website for Wake Up in Australia. RIM Australia later confirmed that they were behind the promotion as an interesting way to push BlackBerry 7 in Australia. We told you back then that the countdown was set to end right after BlackBerry World and now the Wake Up, Be Bold website is live.

Check it out at and let us know what you think!

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  1. i think i wouldve waited for bb10 to come out before running the wake up campaign…

  2. … “dead phoneman walking” !

  3. It is non creative.
    It is a briefing read out loud.
    It is a shame for the agency

  4. Totally cringeworthy. This is so corny, so amateurish, so BAD that it’s an embarrassment.

    Only an idiot is going to go “Oh yeah! I’m BOLD!” and be influenced by this pap.

    This is the best the agency could come up with? Seriously? Who wrote it? A 10-year-old whiz kid?

    We have some clever ads here in Australia.

    This is NOT one of them.

    “Wake up, bugger off!”

  5. So these wankers are accusing potential customers of being asleep?
    Heaven forbid RiM might actually produce a product people want… what is the point without offering something new?

    “Wake up! We still have more of the same old crap to unload!”

    The stench of desperation is thick.

  6. For all those complaining just finish this sentence: The iPhone is better because…

    Then take a look at what you filled in and determine how pathetic your life is. In other words wake up!

  7. Mate, take it from a Sydney sider that’s a bloody awful commentator and bloody awful copy. who on earth wrote that crap?????

    We call a spade a spade here in Aus, and that promo SUCKS!!!!

    BTW ….. someone should have done a google search before using that Wake Up slogan …..

    Check out this website:

    Wake Up Sydney is an organisation whose aim is to:

    ‘Our grand vision is for Sydney to start a kindness revolution – to become a “Kindness Capital”; a beacon of inspiration, creativity and peace. The campaign is underway with our free “kindness card” campaign. The kindness cards are beautifully designed cards that encourage anonymous acts of kindness. In just over two years, over 45,000 free kindness cards have been posted out. Order your free kindness cards here and read more about the kindness revolution here.’

    RIM DO use google before thinking your ideas may be original!

    AND yes …. I want RIM to have a grander presence here in Aus, and I have 2 BB phones and the PB, and don’t contemplate other brands …. I know when I’m on a good thing and I stick with it!

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