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Loads of More BlackBerry 10 Details Leak in Screenshots!

BlackBerry 10 More Pictures5

There is still not much confirmation on the validity of these screenshots but they look to be genuine. My jaw keeps dropping further so I had to share them. Kudos to Biggulpseh on CB Forums again for scoring these. I am just loving the lock screen tilt move and the unlock screen. This also explains the homescreen four tiles I was shown when I was at BlackBerry World and Thorsten had on stage.

 BlackBerry 10 More Pictures2

BlackBerry 10 More Pictures3

BlackBerry 10 More Pictures4

BlackBerry 10 More Pictures6

 BlackBerry 10 More Pictures7

 BlackBerry 10 More Pictures8

 BlackBerry 10 More Pictures9

 BlackBerry 10 More Pictures91

 BlackBerry 10 More Pictures92

 BlackBerry 10 More Pictures93 

BlackBerry 10 More Pictures

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  1. OMG!!!!!!!! That… Is…. AMAZING!!!!!!!! It’s like the culmination of EVERY dream I’ve ever had mixed with my 1st kiss tied together with every song ever written by the Beatles, Micheal Jackson and Elvis topped off w/a unicorn….. <3 <3 <3 <3 im going to choose to ignore all the 'not confirmed' stuff and go ahead w/my celebration... LMAO.... Looks like a UI made in heaven... I can not wait to see it unleashed!!!! #BB10 #RIMgasms #TeamBlackBerry

  2. Look legit to me…

    Glad to see that the swipe down menu is being used for the music app. I was afraid that the mechanics of the swipe down menu might be changing…

  3. Yes. It is looking like what we’ve all been hoping for. Still so long to wait!!!!

  4. Love to know what we’re working w/tho… That time could be a good thing… Kinda looks like it’s rather AIR-ish … And RIM, tho practicing and improving, just haven’t quite smoothed that out yet… However, I have no doubt the lil elf’s slaving away in Waterloo will have that perfected soon enough… 🙂 -staying tuned for details-

  5. AWESOME!!! BB10 has already far surpassed all of my expectations! This user interface will revolutionize how we interact with our devices. Looks seamless, smooth, and intuitive. I predict there will be whining about the gestures from the same morons who didn’t take 30 seconds to learn what they were on the PlayBook. Hopefully this time, proper marketing for BB10 will drastically reduce the idiocy.

    Can’t wait for BB10! BlackBerry is FINALLY back.

  6. Everything i see just looks awesome!!! I really hope to see all these goodies an the BB10 devices. Seeing this now makes September looks so far away! 🙁

  7. late to the party as usual, and with yesterday’s chips and dip.

    • haha even the trolls can’t say much. Yesterday’s chips? Don’t think so, that clock is an indication of TAT and that they can make thing more beautiful than anything Apple can produce.

  8. It looks awesome but I am concerned with how smooth this new OS will run because although I love my PB, I HATE how sluggish it has gotten. Not to mention it’s slow to react when switching from landscape to portrait and vice versa. I want it to be as smooth as the iPad’s, that’s my only gripe. I also want the 2 convenience buttons back along with all the major IM clients, OoVoO, Skype, YM etc…

  9. what happens to customers who pay for a blackberry 7?

    very nice blackberry applications in 10, but should also be in blackberry 7.

    are abandoning loyal customers who paid a blackberry 7 and they expect those applications.

    you need a blackberry update blackberry like 7 10.

    people will not wait that long.

    blackberry 10 seems very good but I bought a blackberry 7 and now I feel abandoned.

    rim to better serve its loyal customer

  10. Home screen icon grid to left, open app manager in middle, messaging to right

    All with swipes


    I can see it working very well

  11. Looks great, just wish it was here.

  12. Oh………this is so exciting! Finally, all those acquisitions/patents are coming together! I hope they include those fuel cells under the keyboard, that would be the icing on the cake.

  13. check out it appears the genius at the BB labs was at this site some time ago, to me it looks overly similar and almost as good as the N9. (except that the N9 was launched 8 months ago has had their preview up for about a year)(and the clock/alarm in the N9 looks even better)

    • Agree the N9 looks great but the OS was crappie which is why Nokia dumped it. My wife had the previous version of the N9 (I forget the name) and it was super hard to use. But if the playbook ends up looking as good as that with a QNX multitasking OS it’s all good for me.

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