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Future BlackBerry 10 Device Names Found in BlackBerry 10 Alpha Devices

Lucas from N4BB just posted a nice Sunday read,  some findings from J Duke of OSBB going through the BlackBerry 10 file system on the developer alphas, that were handed out last week.  It shows the internal names of the upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices.  It is stated that the information can be viewed by typing file:///radio/etc/sv.numbers in to the browser bar on the alpha devices.  Device names after the break.

  • # R044 – Nevada 0x8400270A,1
  • # R051 – Winchester2 LTE 0x0c001a06,1
  • # R052 – Winchester2 HSPA+ 0x0d001a06,1
  • # R053 – Winchester2 LTE HSPA+ 0x0e001a06,1
  • # R061 – Colt 0×04002307,1
  • # R072 – London 0×04002607,1
  • # R073 – Blackforest 0×04002706,1
  • # R084 – Nashville 0x8500270A,1
  • # R085 – Naples 0x8600270A,1

Above is  the list of device names used internally by RIM.  The Colt is the alpha device received by devlopers, and the London as we have seen rumoured is a revision of the Colt.  Blackforest has been predicted to be the unannounced 10″ PlayBook, while the Winchester2’s being 3G and 4G models of the current 7″ PlayBook.  Some devices we have no information on are the Nevada, Napes and Nashville.

It is great to see people tearing through the dev alphas and letting us know what is coming in the near future for BlackBerry.

Source: N4BB

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  1. I imagine one of em is a slider and/or a bold

  2. I think the major BlackBerry phone devices will be a bold, slider, all touch and a curve entry device.

  3. i think blackberry should just realize there days are over. 1 there network sucks! 2 iphone and android OS are way better and 3 being a past blackberry owner, i will say i will never ever go back. once i left blackberry for droid i was extremely happy. there are so many things iphone & droid can do that blackberry could only dream of doing. when my blackberry took its dump, and stopped doing software updates my phone was garbage!! iam really amazed people out there still own these pieces of trash. as darth vador has said, “come to the dark side if you want to live” and i mean dark side as come to droid if you want a FULLY functional real smartphone!

  4. BB should improve and provide free application. We just can’t use much apps like others. This is really bad. For example, viber voice call can’t use while ois and android are enjoying for how many years?

  5. yes .. its really time that BB just stopped its operations and sell out to smone who wants to continue to make weird phones ..
    i ll be honest . i have been a very loyal cust to BB owning all the bold’s ( except the 9890 ) ,and after all these years ,i feel its time to use the money wisely ..
    definitely the iphone5 and the galaxy series are way better than these BOLD’s ,which unfortunately are the best among BB’s range .. i am not sure what super cool thing they are going to invent with the 10ALPHA .

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