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BlackBerry 10 Screen Sharing & Native Twitter Client Screenshots?

 BlackBerry 10 Screen Sharing

Raj and Luis pointed out a thread on CrackBerry forums while I was eating dinner that really got me excited! Biggulpseh posted some screenshots he received from a credible source that shows off a new screen sharing feature coming in BlackBerry 10. It lets you share your screen during video calls like Skype and other apps allow you to do. The pictures are also showing off a native version of Twitter for BlackBerry which is also looking really slick!

BlackBerry 10 Screen Sharing2 BlackBerry 10 Screen Sharing3

According to that same source the 10” PlayBook has been scrapped and RIM is sticking with a 7” size for now. They did say another 10” device may be on the way but didn’t have much in terms of details and it did not seem to be a tablet. Also mentioned was the fact that the 4G PlayBooks are on schedule to release next month and will come with BBM installed on them which may mean an OS update for us all.

They left off by saying that the first BlackBerry 10 phone will be the BlackBerry Colt 2 which is the phone with the metal edges and sharp corners we saw in the past as the London with another physical keyboard device in the works. I think they mean this one:

BlackBerry London

Lets start up the rumor mill!

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  1. Who needs skype… Dammit we’ll make our own vid chat… LOL… The PlayBook and BB10 with their beautiful QNX is the perfect platform for video chat… The video + sound quality is already wowing… Looking forward to the next level… Awesome find! Rumors of this nature are a wonderful thing to fall asleep too… Thanks for the bedtime reading BerryReview ‘;) Off I go to dream whimsically of BB10…..

  2. No keyboard? No need for BB anymore.

    • Robert, the first BB10 device to be released will be an all-touch device. Then shortly after, RIM will introduce a BB10 phone with their legendary keyboard you and I love.

      • agree completely – if Blackberry thinks they can compete without a physical keyboard, they are bigger idiots than I thought, and that’s saying a lot.

  3. For the love of all things pure….when has RIM ever said they are doing away with the keyboard?!!

    Don’t you people read?? Is this a conspiracy to drive me mad? Cheesus and Doritos!!

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