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RIM Promises Continued Support for BlackBerry 7


I was going through my notes from BlackBerry World and I came across something interesting that Thorsten Heins mentioned during the press briefing. BlackBerry World has obviously been heavily focused on BlackBerry 10 but one person at the session asked him what about BlackBerry 7 and older devices and where there place was in all of this. Thorsten first of all answered that RIM is committed to future support of BlackBerry 7 and future devices especially for entry level devices in international areas. He reiterated that a great majority, 80%+, of the worlds cell phone users do not yet have smartphones.

Thorsten also commented that RIM has dedicated a team of hundreds of employees in Raleigh, North Carolina to improving and supporting BlackBerry 7. To RIM the BlackBerry 7 OS has reached maturity especially as a smartphone OS. For RIM, BlackBerry 10 and on the PlayBook and soon smartphones allows them to enter the mobile computing space (think cars, entertainment devices, embedded devices, etc…)

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  1. Raleigh, Virginia? Are you sure you didn’t mean Raleigh, North Carolina.

  2. What would have been even better if he would have said “any faithful BB customer who purchased a new BB7 device this calendar year will automatically receive a free upgrade to a new BB10 device when they finally launch, to show our appreciation for their continued support and good faith!”

    That would make me happy because I already waited about an extra year for something ‘great’ to come along to replace my old 8330, and having seen no end in sight, a couple of months ago I finally had to upgrade and got a 9810. I struggled with switching to Android but decided to continue to wave the BB flag, now I’m going to be stuck with something mediocre when the new 10’s arrive in October (hopefull)…

    How inclined do you think I’m going to be to go with Blackberry next time around with that going on???

    • Every manufacturer makes their existing hardware obsolete in a year (or even much less now)…

      And yea right to a free upgrade to BB10 for every single BB7 purchaser… Not to mention carriers have to subsidize these devices and generate revenue off of upgrade contacts, which can’t happen if the device is free from RIM…

    • No other device maker or carrier would offer that. I bought mine this year and I wouldn’t expect a free upgrade. Everybody wants something for nothing these days.

  3. Like Thorstein said, they will need to continue to support BB7 devices, especially for third world countries. They need to include features on all their BB devices andf not only a select few. FM radio should be on BB Bold 9900/9930.

  4. Ronen I’ve seen the following statement made a couple of times:

    “For RIM, BlackBerry 10 and on the PlayBook and soon smartphones allows them to enter the mobile computing space (think cars, entertainment devices, embedded devices, etc…)”

    I’d like some discussion around what it means please ….. the mobile computing space is an interesting expression – are phone companies the only ones who use this expression?

    What does it involve or include – as in interaction type examples …..

    How ready are the other actors, possible providers, in this space?

    Are any other phone companies currently in the space?

    I guess the expression means much more than the apparent current offering in the mobile computing space like bluetooth available in cars and some brands/models being fitted with iphone/ipod docks ….

    • One of the things that is not widely known is the fact that QNX is already in almost all the cars specially when in comes to media connectivity. So that is already widely available in BMW’s, ford, toyotas. Adding Tablets to cars would be one thing or making it easier for people to sync their BB 10 devices to cars would also be much easier.

      At most of the events I been to RIM has showcased this already with QNX.

      Computing there is a ton of thing QNX does as an operating system and as more and more powerful mobile devices are out for consumers more consumers may start to leave their laptops at home and carry a PlayBook /tablet or smartphone. It will not necessarily replace the laptop but I think people are starting to use mobile devices more for smaller tasks.

    • QNX pushed RIM into many verticals but one of the main ones is cars. According to Thorsten QNX is in 65% of cars and 85% of car makers are using QNX. I am still working on verifying those numbers but that is pretty crazy. Also check out their work in the medical field, replacing laptops, etc as a future.

  5. It makes sense to me that RIM would continue support to OS 7 …. in fact it’s pretty darn obvious!

    Business consumers are not as likely to rush into buying a new, and yet to be consumer tested device, they’ll take some time to review the comments after the initial release flurry purchasers pour forth.

    Also ….. I don’t know the stats ….. but how many BB phone holders are there currently in each OS offering?

    How many OS5 holders, OS 6 holders, and earlier models?

    How many people out there would be waiting for their 2 or 3 year current contracts to expire before they can buy a BB10 model?

    Those people/businesses who are ready to move into new contracts will no doubt consider a BB10 model within the first year of release, or during the life of the first model – which ever comes first – (or maybe they’ll go with OS7) but others will wait for a second etc model in the 10 series before committing.

    Same as with every other OS model change phone RIM’s released.

    Plus ca change …..

  6. I think blackberry 7 should receive a blackberry 10-like upgrade too.

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