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RIM Confirms PlayBook Android Player Getting Multi-Tasking & More


We heard during BlackBerry World about some features coming in PlayBook OS 2.1 but now RIM has confirmed the ones related to the PlayBook Android Player publicly. The only quirk is that RIM says they will be coming with BlackBerry 10 so make of that what you will. My favorite is that RIM is allowing Android apps to multitask and run in separate windows like native PlayBook apps. Here is what Matt had to say about the three new features coming:

A feature request we heard from both developer and end user alike was for multi-window support. Applications built for the BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps will now launch in separate windows, allowing for multitasking and viewing just like regular native BlackBerry 10 apps!

Additionally, we have added API support for Camera and In-App Payments. With these additions, we now support even more potential Android apps and offer an additional way for developers to monetize their applications. In-App Payments will work with user’s existing BlackBerry® ID and be processed through BlackBerry App World.

These new features will be available in the BlackBerry 10 Runtime for Android Apps beta, and will be coming as an update to the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet later this summer. More Runtime for Android Apps features will be coming to BlackBerry 10, so stay tuned!

I am excited that this is all coming later this summer. I am not sure if that means the PlayBook is getting BlackBerry 10 this summer or maybe a separate

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  1. separate version were you going to say?

    • Right, Ronen got lost in his train of thought. I think the PlayBook should get the BB10 first, to work out any glitches the OS has.

      • also the concept of what BB10 is up for debate

        The Dev Alpha has BB10 on it but it looks and functions like the playbook does now

        I have heard others mention this and I am beginning to wonder if they will have BB10 be the platform and have the UI we saw be called something else…. like “Flow” since they kept using that word

        So it would be BB10 with the Flow UI on the phone

        and BB10 with the Playbook UI on the Playbook

  2. I would like the android player updated to support android 3.2/4.x so that we can get some actual tablets apps and not these phone apps we are getting now.

  3. I really don’t care much about that but what I REALLY do want is USB hosting. I’ve also been waiting for a dock with HDMI out , full size SD slot and like 4 USB slots but not even one dock yet even comes with HDMI at the very least!

  4. With support for the Camera API – does that mean Skype port from Android will work??

  5. “I am excited that this is all coming later this summer. I am not sure if that means the PlayBook is getting BlackBerry 10 this summer or maybe a separate”

    Ronen, do you think the PB will get full OS 10 functionality, or perhaps just partial …. because it seems that RIM would want people to buy the new PB with the draw card being full OS capability.

    I hope that as much OS 10 capability as possible can be downloaded onto this current PB …. but I’m not sure that that’s going to be the reality.

    • RIM better not screw over the current PlayBook owners that put up with an incomplete tablet while they devleoped QNX. I will be really pissed if both PlayBooks I purchased will only run OS 2.X.. or a scaled down version of BB10….especially when the hardware supports it.

  6. It was already confirmed by RIM that all current PlayBook’s will be getting BB10 upgrade

  7. Yes the PlayBook is getting BB10. I am just curious if it will have a similar PlayBook UI or new BlackBerry 10 UI. The main change in BlackBerry 10 is more what is under the hood.

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