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RIM CEO Confirms 4G PlayBook Coming “Later This Year” On Road to BlackBerry 10


During the press session and other confirmations at BlackBerry World we have heard that we will soon be seeing a BlackBerry PlayBook with 4G. I ran into two people at the show who got some time to spend with the devices and they were impressed and it seemed to work smoothly. Thorsten Heins was asked during the press session on what we will be seeing between now and the BlackBerry 10 device launch. They also asked if there would be another PlayBook device launch with the launch of BlackBerry 10.

It was interesting to see that Thorsten Responded that the BlackBerry PlayBook is more of a target into the mobile computing space than the tablet space. (Remember those embedded police cars?)  He also confirmed that a 4G BlackBerry PlayBook will be coming to market later this year.

Also of interest was a question Thorsten was asked about the conference being focused on BlackBerry 10 but what about all the talk on enterprise policies and security? Thorsten responded that they were “100% correct there is more to RIM than just the handset business. We are focused on Business and enterprise because that is one of the places where RIM really fits best.” to further this goal they have pulled together all the enterprise business divisions under Robin Bienfait, RIM’s CIO, since it was very fragmented and combined them all to ensure focus. Now that he has the focus in place RIM is pushing the throttle further. (he even simulated stepping on the gas) He also confirmed what many of us already know which is the fact that RIM needs BlackBerry 10 to be launched to improve the enterprise platform.

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  1. Robin? Who/what is Robin?

  2. ack… I want the 4G Playbook now!

  3. I loved everything I saw this week but RIM needs to firm up release dates. It’s always “coming soon”, esentially code for vaporware in my mind.

    • can’t be vaporware as they exist and many many people have used/seen them

      • Oh it can be vaporware – 3G/4G Playbooks have been around since last summer and promised to be ” coming soon” and not one has ever been sold.

        • no vaporware refers to a product “idea” that has not been physically made or seen in the flesh

          thus the “vapor” part of the word

  4. True. That said I have still never seen one, seen a test of one. I have only ever seen “spy shots”. Don’t want to be negetive but the promises from RIM are so much larger than what they ever deliver.

  5. These were supposed to be out by now. By the time I left RIM, internal beta testers were having huge issues obtaining signals from 4G/LTE amongst other things.

    I guess they’re still trying to work those kinks out.

    • So does the iPad 3. It has huge LTE signalling issues. Causes problems for the carriers. Source: I work for Ericsson.

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