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Thorsten Heins Focused on Making BlackBerry 10 Experience Perfect


One of the statements that really excited me from RIM’s CEO, Thorsten Heins, was that he was committed to BlackBerry 10. Specifically Thorsten said that “quality matters” and that he is laser focused on making sure the BlackBerry 10 experience will be perfect at launch. According to him there is a lot more to come for BlackBerry 10 beyond what we have seen so far. This includes the seamless flow between multiple applications that run in real time in the background. Something other platforms cannot provide. That way when you flow you have everything at your fingertips.

The BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha is definitely not a final device but it gives developers an idea of form factor. RIM is making sure that the experience with full touch builds on RIM’s previous experience with PlayBook and even Storm and BlackBerry 7. They want to make sure that typing both on touchscreens and physical keyboards are the best.

I am just hoping this means that RIM is dedicated to make sure BlackBerry 10 is a full experience instead of a half delivered one like the BlackBerry PlayBook. I am loving that RIM is finally focused on delivering a final product instead of a dev one.

Thorsten also shared why he thinks RIM really has something with BlackBerry 10. He said that when the different teams presented him for the first time all the integration points of the building blocks of BlackBerry 10 a few weeks back there was no stuttering, hourglassing, hickups, or anything. This is BlackBerrys future and everything was running in real time.

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  1. kudos to Mr Heins. He appeared very confident yesterday and that is something which makes us BB fans feel better

  2. I’m already nervous for the official launch. Haha. Git er done Thor!

  3. HUGE kudos to Thorsten for that statement! More and more I LOVE THIS GUY!

    Quality is EVERYTHING as it impacts perception, and we all know that perception IS reality!

  4. You know, I may be wrong, but my guess is that these developer phones were the original QNX colt phones. I think RIM was about to make the mistake of putting out a phone as bad as the Playbook (which I love but let’s face it… not done).

    I mean the phones come all boxed and eveything just like a retail phone. I think after the PB reception there was a rethink, a push back in timing and a TH let’s do it right decision was made to delay launch until the phones were ready.

    I really suspect that will all apps running all the time, you need a phone that thick to get through the day. And hey, I’d buy it even if that was the final product as long as the OS works like a 2.0 not a 1.0.

    TH is making great decisions.

    • I think you are bang on! RIM was feeling the pressure to release BB10 early, so this was probably what the Alpha Dev devices were. However, Thorsten pulled the rug underneath that and delayed it so that it was done right.

      It may backfire a bit as the company has to go through two more horrible reporting periods of declining sales. The pressure to push something out will be huge. I suppose in the meanwhile, RIM will have the 3G (HSPA/HSPA+) and 4G (LTE) PlayBooks out, maybe even a 10-inch device!

  5. If that was the case,(quality control) on BB 10,and some people within RIM were willing to release an inferior OS on their new phone,where is their sense of pride in their product? I have had OS problems on my S1 & S2 and my Torch 9850 I have reported constantly for the email keyboard malfunctioning and BB Beta tells me it will be fixed in the next update. Well I’ve been told this so many times i’m disillusioned.

  6. Yeah these devices were preproduction and then RIM decided they needed a refined Experience to make a difference

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