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PlayBook OS 2.1 Launching By Early Summer?

BlackBerry-PlayBook-OS-2.1-1-1024x575The word coming from BlackBerry World is that PlayBook OS 2.1 will arrive at the beginning of summer. Brad from BerryReporter learning during a BB10 session that a Dev. beta build should be out towards the end of the month for devs to get their applications ready. The public release is schedule for early summer. This new build should bring a few new features:

  • Portrait Email, Calendar, and Contacts
  • App World Carrier Shelf
  • Bridge Texting and WiFi Transport Support
  • Android Multi-Tasking
  • Camera API and In-app Payments for developers
  • Over-the-air activation with Mobile fusion
  • Personal Encryption

One of the really awesome features of BlackBerry Bridge is the addition of Bridge texting to this update. BlackBerry Bridge was made fun of by some in the media but the more I use it the more I like the options using the PlayBook to BBM, or controlling your PlayBook with your BlackBerry, can’t do that with most of the other gadgets out there.

Source: BerryReporter

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  1. The media is incredibly shortsighted. BlackBerry Bridge is one of the best features of the PlayBook and no other tablet out there has it; its the main feature that convnced me to buy the PlayBook in the first place. I can even able to play some games on it, such as Monopoly using my BlackBerry.

  2. Will this update bring android 3.2/4.x support? Will the camera api allow the android versions of tango and/or sykpe to work?

    • Great Question. The only downside of all the annoucements about BB10 was the non-annoucements of support by headline apps like Skype. NOT Netflix, lets face it if RIM is selling this as a business device it doesn’t need netflix but Skype is a must.

      • Welllll i didnt buy it for business and would like to use it the way I want. ie netflix/skype

      • A business device? look at at the new GAMES being developed

        • Subscribe to netflix and that’ll cure you from wanting netflix.

          Did you listen to the keynote? I’m just saying what Thor said they want to target the BB to business/heavy communication types. I think he’s right, yes it needs some games but don’t try to play the we beat Apple at being Apple game.

          But Skype? You really can’t overlook skype in my book.

  3. OTA activation for mobile fusion is huge for me!

  4. If I don’t get a way to use this camera (video chat) and a worthwhile music player.
    1 iam going to poke the camera out
    2 iam buying a windows tablet

  5. My only wish with Playbook is a 9-10″ version. Otherwise, its coming along nicely.

  6. RIM should have at least announced it yesterday! They’ve got to bring the goods while all eyes are on them. At least say the 4G PlayBook is real and coming soon.

  7. Any update is a welcome update to me. I would really like some email enhancements as I have taken to using my PB as my “work” notebook. A few more well thought out business apps and I’m pretty much set. It does get better almost day.

  8. C’mon RIM, jazz up the music player (equalizer, etc.) and add USB drive support in OS 2.1.

  9. “..Bridge Texting and WiFi Transport Support…”

    Does that mean WiFi transport for Bridge – as alternative to Bluetooth?

    That would be cool – much longer range…. and faster …

  10. I am sure that RIM would love to add Skype and Netflix to the device. Unfortunately if the owners of the applications don’t allow it, they can’t. Maybe you should start poking Microsoft and Netflix to release the code to RIM.

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