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BlackBerry World 2012 Keynote Live Blog


Hi all we are just sitting down at BlackBerry World 2012 and they are prepping for us. We are excited for RIM’s new CEO to take the stage for the first time ever! Stay tuned below and keep refreshing this page for the latest updates!



RIM is streaming the keynote from Follow along live!

Keynote starting! Video testimonials.

Thorsten’s here.

150 countries represented in the audience.

3 months as CEO. BlackBerry’s target customers are hyper-connected. They are far from the average smartphone users. They mobilize and make dreams happen.

Entertainment is important, but BlackBerry users want more. 55 million BBM subscribers. BlackBerry users don’t define their experience by any one component. It’s about success, being nimble, and taking care of business. This is the core of BlackBerry; this is the mission of the company: to help people succeed on a daily basis. If you give people time, it’s incredible what they can do with it.


Need to combine incredible hardware, software, and cloud infrastructure. Everything we do now is directed to make mobility more simple.

Thorsten’s introducing Clarence So, Sr. VP, Strategy,

CS: We run our company on BlackBerrys.

CS: Focusing on making businesses more social. Making their products HTLM5, cross-platform to enable the social enterprise.

CS: Companies traditional interact with customers via call centers and sales reps. Now, more and more, they are taking to Facebook and Twitter.

Cisco is already working on WebEx for BB10 right now. Also AnyConnect.

TH: If we want to take this to the next level, we decided to deliver our own mobile computing platform, BB10. We began acquiring pieces, like TAT,


BB10 Dev Alpha device unveiled. “It’s working, and it’s working well!”

Thorsten is very proud of the work done on this device, but it is in no way final hardware. “We’re keeping some secrets to ourselves for now.”

We want a user paradigm that’s easy and fast. It flows. Vivek, Software design.

“glancing gesture” flows from notifications directly into the app, where you can choose to act or not.” Lots of applause, Thorsten says there’s more to come.

Demo of apps and windows flowing into each other seamlessly, running realtime in the background “Nobody out there can do this.” We stream all feeds to one place.”

“D” changing to “R” a little BlackBerry magic moment.

Removing latency and increasing performance. Modeling algorithms tailors keyboard to your typing style. Soft keyboard has Bold frets!

Swipe to delete gesture, predictive words show on keyboard near the appropriate letters, flick the word up into the text body. Very smooth!

BlackBerry is still all about the best typing experience in the industry.

Camera caches time, lets you move back or forward to “never miss the moment” ! Demo shows pic of woman with her eyes closed. Rotate a shuttle dial to catch the cached moment where her eyes are open! Perfect shot! MUCH more to come on the camera.

TH: This is why we chose the hard road. There is a whole new user paradigm geared toward YOU.”

BB10 is not just a new mobile OS. It’s a completely new ecosystem.

Showing a connected concept car with integrated BB10 all over. Gaming, messaging, internet, all integrated, not separate devices.

Another sneak peek, video playing.

“Let’s rock ‘n’roll this!”

Martyn Mallick now onstage. “Success can be defined in many ways.” Enabling developer success is key.

3 key elements to building an app infrastructure: platform, tools, distribution.

Posted some pics of BB10. Occipital just demoed a panorama app that takes swivelable panorama pics, gyroscope enabled.

Gaming: Gameloft. 70+ games in AppWorld, 11 on PlayBook. PB is great, powerful hw, we can bring top quality games to the platform.”We’re going to be a strong supporter of BB10. We’re cooking some BB10 games already.”

N.O.V.A 3, Oregon Trail, Ice AgeVillage

Michael Schade, Fish Labs. 17 million downloads. Galaxy On Fire top product. Started looking at BB10 when handed PlayBook at a conference. Galaxy Fire was up and running on PB in less than a day. Highest-end version of GoF is on PB. Console-quality gaming on PB.

Newstand offering on BB10 (Pixelmag) Every BB10 users gets 10 free minutes per month to read online news content. Demoed on BB10Alpha.

Mippin: BlackBerry responsible for 70% of their downloads. BlackBerry App Generator is being launched today. Easy, powerful app dev tool. Supports BBOS 5,6,7, PlayBook, BB10.  Anyone, top-tier publisher, enthusiast, anyone can build a native app in 10 minutes free of charge.

Global platform, global distribution.

App submission up 226%. Fastest growing appstore in the industry. Up 69% apps in AppWorld. PlayBook app growth up 240% in a single quarter. Wow!

You can build a true application business on BlackBerry; both consumer and enterprise can be really successful.

Robin Bienfait, CIO of RIM. This time next year, Mobile Fusion will be available On-site, hosted/managed, and cloud. Innovation in the enterprise to expand RIM’s power and strength.

Alan Panezic, VP, Platform Product Management, RIM. Martha Stewart Living. Martha is a big BlackBerry user, she carries 2 BBs. Mobile Fusion rolled out to 68% of the company. Managed by a single part-time admin. Half a person. Efficient! I wonder which half…

Over the next year, Mobile Fusion will have third-party through-the-firewall secure connectivity for other devices. Securing data at rest on 3rd-party devices.

Chris Fleck, VP, Mobility Solutions Citrix Systems. Citrix Mobile Office on PlayBook. Live demo in his hands of it running on the DevAlpha.

Tim out. Live blog over. Wow, that’s tough. Thanks, Ronen, for this opportunity.

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